When it comes to lead generation, one of the easiest places to increase conversions is with people who have already shown an interest in you. You know you offer something they want, and they’ve visited your site to fill out a contact form – but then stopped.

Re-marketing entails focusing on just these consumers – those that are already primed to buy, but haven’t yet committed to it. However, only 1 in every 20 people who start filling out web forms will actually submit them to you, so how to find those other 19 and convince them to make a purchase? By using web form abandonment solutions that capture unsubmitted contact info, you can follow-up with those users with highly personalized emails that compel them to buy.

That means just sending one email could potentially double your conversion rate.

Best Practices For Email Re-Marketing

Since re-marketing is all about delivering a personalized and quality customer service experience to potential customers, you’ll want to follow these best practices to make sure your leads actually convert.

1. Send An Email Immediately and Timely Follow Ups

Send your follow-up emails as soon as you can after a customer has abandoned their form, usually within 2 hours. Then, if they did not convert on the first one, send your follow up email within 2 days, and then a final follow up 4 days after that.

2. Make It Personal

Personalized emails have a 30-40% better chance of converting than generic form letters. If your customer was expressing interest in a potential product, let them know all the reasons why it’s perfect for them – and even give them an extra incentive like a time-limited discount to follow through.

3. Point Customers To The Right Place

Your email should have a link that sends readers right back to where they were on your site. Don’t assume that your email is enough to have them revisit your products; compel them to do so with a clear CTA and link.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time you generate leads, and instead, focus your efforts on the consumers who have already shown they are interested in making a purchase. While web forms are great for capturing contact info in order to nurture leads through personal follow-ups, web form abandonment solutions will make sure that you don’t miss out on anyone who failed to press the submit button. That means you’ll only have to do one thing, and you’ll see double the conversions.


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