There are officially 96 days left in 2017

41 Business days until Thanksgiving

61 Business days until Christmas… will you ensure you got every last sale from your marketing budget in 2017?

As the final quarter of 2017 approaches, it’s time to formulate a marketing strategy that boosts your profits for the year. One of the best ways to do so is through remarketing.

Remarketing entails reaching out to individuals identified through lead generation strategies who have not yet converted, with personalized attempts to draw them back in. You’ve spent almost a year gathering leads and new business, so now it’s time to follow-up where you can. These remarketing strategies will help you see success in the last quarter push.

1. Pay To Play

PPC advertising can be a quick way of targeting the consumers most likely to want your services or products – but at a high cost. Perhaps the greatest benefit of PPC is that you can easily remarket to people by placing cookies on your site which will track users, reminding them of what they wanted even after they leave your site.

2. Get Social

Connecting to potential customers through social media can boost your overall engagement while giving you the chance to reach their networks. Ask for social media handles in your sign-up forms; not only will this give you a chance to access even more information about your customers, but you’ll also be able to connect with them in the way that more and more people prefer. These days, 67% of consumers go directly to social networks to resolve any issues with products or services.

3. Create A Personalized Email Campaign

Once you have consumer information, you can start to nurture those leads to conversions. Use email strategically by segmenting customer lists by where they are in the sales funnel, then send email follow-ups the same day, a few days later, and again a few days after that to nudge them back to your site.

4. Find Shopping Cart Abandoners

For e-commerce businesses, conversion is all about the customer pressing submit on his or her cart. But what if they don’t? On average, shopping cart abandonment rates are about 69% – even for the biggest of e-tailers. Recovering shopping cart information that was never submitted means you can personalize your outreach with the items you know that consumer already wants.

5. Use Web Form Abandonment Solutions

Reaching out to leads in the channels they prefer will go a long way in helping your efforts, but what if you weren’t able to gather email addresses and social handles because users never submitted the form? Using a solution like Mov-ology’s that instantly captures information when it is entered means you’ll gather that data and implement your customer service to guide them to conversion, all while increasing your advertising ROI.


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