Remarketing continues to appeal to marketers as a useful tool to help draw back potential leads. When a potential customer has established interest, you can use your outreach and content to make sure they end up as a conversion.

But you only have seconds to convince them to come back. In that quick span of time, you need to show them why your product or service is valuable, how it will help them, and give them an easy way to complete their purchase.

Before your lost lead reads any email content, you’ll need to hook them with a tantalizing email subject line. These six subject lines will help you make sure to catch their eyes.

  1. “You left something behind! Can we help?”

You’re sending a message to let the customer know that a) it’s easy to follow-through with their purchase and b) you are a customer-service focused company that is ready to help. With a subject line like this, you can emphasize personalization in the content of your remarketing emails.

  1. “Did you forget something?”

By asking your leads a question, it gets them thinking about your product or service, and what it is they found appealing. Maybe they really did forget to check out, or perhaps they just needed a push back to your site.

  1. “[product] is still available”

This subject line seems simple, but it’s actually planting the idea in your lead’s head that this product might not be available someday soon. You’ll get them to open your email by implying urgency, driving them to make a purchase.

  1. “[product] is still in stock but won’t be soon!”

To take the feeling of urgency even further, let your customers know about products in their cart that might be low on stock or leaving the market. You’re again compelling them to open your email with the fear of losing out, and you can provide them with a tempting offer to help close the deal.

  1. “Your [site name] shopping cart”

If someone abandons a shopping cart, your hope is that they got distracted and forgot to come back. Send an email like this one day after they’ve left your site, and you’re quickly and directly telling them you still have the goods they wanted yesterday. With your site’s name in the subject line, there is no confusion.

  1. “Did something go wrong”?

Often, leads will abandon a shopping cart or web form because of a technical error; maybe they lost service on their smartphone, or perhaps your site reloaded and cleared all entered info. Even if they left your site on purpose, using this subject line reminds them that you care about their experience and may convince them to click through.

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