Web forms are one of the easiest ways to immediately capture user information – but imagine if you could capture information from users who never pressed the submit button?

MOV•ology’s web form abandonment solutions utilize a patented process to do just that, ensuring that you are always getting a return on your advertising expenses. Only a minor addition to your marketing program can earn you huge gains, protecting your budget and increasing customer conversions.

How It Works

MOV•ology’s patented process detects when a user visits your site and monitors their activity throughout the entire experience. Hence, if they start filling out a web form but suddenly stop before submitting, the servers will have already captured that information, making your web form effective even though it was never sent.

Web Form Remarketing

You have the unsubmitted email address or contact information – now what? Through email remarketing, sending just one or two follow-up emails means you can regain that user’s attention, and use personalized contact to help nurture them to conversion. Even better, depending on your industry and the purpose of your form, you can reach out to those potential customers through multiple marketing channels, including print, text, and more.

Major Benefits

Of course, the biggest benefit of web form abandonment solutions is that you have the ability to bring an already-interested potential lead back to your site or information hub. Not only does this boost your advertising ROI – as even unsubmitted leads are still leads gained – but it also allows you to use your customer service and lead nurturing excellence to effectively convert users to sales. Whether you are using simple contact forms or more complex online applications, all of the energy and resources deployed in your marketing will see returns with web form abandonment solutions.


About Us

MOV•ology™ LLC provides real-time automated web form abandonment solutions to increase ROI using our Patented Technology (US Patents 9,280,531, 9,286,282 & 9,589,281).

To learn more, visit us at www.movology.com, call us at 714-855-1670 or send an email to info@movology.com.