In the past couple of years, remarketing has been touted as the optimal solution to targeting potential customers who have engaged with your digital assets in one way or another. Google AdWords has made it easy for campaigns of all sizes to easily deploy remarketing strategies using analytic and contact information of potential leads. However, you’ll need to capture this information before you can use it.

If you have tried remarketing, but aren’t quite convinced about its effectiveness, consider that for the majority of sites, over 90% of potential customers leave without ever converting. It’s essential for the modern marketer to find the right way to regain the interest of these potential customers.

Use What You Have With Customer Match

Google’s Customer Match is a unique form of remarketing that allows you to upload your contact lists to AdWords, which deploys retargeting to those users when they access Google sites like Gmail, Search, and YouTube. Not only will your existing customers be shown enticing opportunities to continue to engage with your company, but you’ll also be able to target new audiences that share similar characteristics to those on your existing list. This means you grow your base while keeping your audience coming back, a win-win for any company.

Find What You Don’t Have

While Customer Match is great if you have a huge contact list, what about all of those potential customers who have started handing over their contact information, but never ended up pressing submit on a web form? That’s where web form abandonment solutions that immediately snapshot user data can help you build your list, and will effectively target yourremarketing to those people who are most likely to convert – users who have already shown interest. Rather than accepting web form abandonment as a necessary evil, double your effectiveness by increasing your advertising ROI while also building your contact list.


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