If you’re like many other modern marketers, you know that paying up front for advertising costs can end up with you in the hole – and you may not have any results to show.

With performance marketing, you’re only paying for results you get. You’ll pay when someone engages with your digital ad, giving you trackable customer data and a higher chance of conversion.

With the appeal of performance marketing so strong, it’s no wonder that more and more marketers are paying attention. Stay on top of the game with these performance marketing trends in 2018.

Focus On Mobile

Digital advertising has become a preferred format to combine with traditional advertising for many modern companies. And with an estimated 77% of Americans now owning smartphones, you need to have your online ads appropriate for this format.

Personalize As Much As Possible

Instead of focusing on customer groups, focus on each customer as an individual. Personalized outreach will perform better than content that is general and impersonal. To be effective, you’ll want to know who your customer is – as precisely as possible – and how they will likely react to your outreach attempts.

Optimize, Then Conquer

When you’re starting out with performance-based marketing, you might think it’s better to go big or go home – the problem being, that you’ll end up paying for clicks and engagement, but maybe not the kind you want. Spend some time optimizing your ad copy, customer personas, and overall presentation, and you’ll find more results in less time – and for less money.

Don’t Drop Traditional Outreach Just Yet

While performance-based marketing can help you keep an eye on your ROI, you still want to reach your customers in the way that they like, and some may still prefer traditional advertising. Combine a print campaign with a digital one, and you’ll get double the exposure, ensuring that all potential customers see your stuff.

Remember…its all about the right timing, the right message and the right person. Omni channel marketing

And last, but certainly not least!!! Don’t let all your marketing efforts go 

I’m still amazed when I talk to marketing experts and potential clients about their website abandoners how many people are aware of the consistent issue, but haven’t found anything as a resolution. MOVology plays the perfect role here to tie up all your marketing efforts (performance based and non) with a pretty little bow on it to ensure you’re getting every last lead for that spend. Movology’s unique and patented solution captures web form abandoners and drives them back with a series of BRANDED and PERSONALIZED messaging via email/direct mail/sms texting to help bring back those abandoned leads and increase sales. On average this can help up to double the leads coming in, or increase sales up to 20%….so its one of those risk free finishing touches on a marketing strategy that really should be added to all websites/landing pages. Especially since it can perfectly fit the performance based model that we have been discussing.

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