Lead Generation Technology: A Getting Started Guide

Let’s face it: there is no efficient way to find potential customers without the help of technology. Lead generation and technology make the perfect pair. Lead generation grows your business, and technology makes it easier to do so. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of using technology to generate leads and how to use lead-gen tech to cut costs, without cutting corners.

Understand How Modern Tech Changed Lead Generation

Back in the day, salespeople generated leads by attending networking events, scouring rolodexes, and dropping by potential clients’ offices. While these techniques still hold up, new technology offers impressive lead generation at a more reasonable cost.

Here are just a few ways tech has improved lead generation:

  • Scalability — Smart technology makes it easy for a single person to build and manage an extensive list of leads.
  • Measurability — Easy-to-use software allows managers to understand the quality and profitability of a given campaign.
  • Customizability — Detail-focused tech allows marketers to target only the audiences that really matter.
  • Trackability — Comprehensive automated remarketing and retargeting tools permit marketers to follow leads through a conversion funnel.
  • Affordability — Accessible technology lets businesses grow leads lists without all the flying, wining and dining.
MOVOLOGY | Lead Generation Technology: A Getting Started Guide

Employ Smart Tech to Improve Your Lead Generation 

Whether your company sells dog food or data encryption services, generating leads is an integral part of ensuring continued business growth. Many thriving companies rely on a combination of the following lead generation technologies:

  • Paid advertising campaigns that target highly-specific audiences or rely on custom-built lists to market on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Remarketing and retargeting campaigns that capture cart and form abandoners to complete a desired action
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) software that organizes leads, offers data and analytics, and manages marketing schedules
  • Lead-generating offers of discounts, freebies or value-added content (i.e., ebooks, how-to guides) in exchange for emails or other contact information

Handpick the Right Lead Generation Tech 

MOVOLOGY | Lead Generation Technology: A Getting Started Guide

Many business-to-consumer (B2C) companies find value in paid Facebook campaigns, but businesses which only market to other businesses (B2B companies) typically prefer LinkedIn for lead generation. Large corporations may swear by a customized CRM but a thorough Google Doc might be enough for a startup.

Almost all businesses, though, benefit from customized remarketing and retargeting technologies. These almost-customers and clients nearly reordered those razorblades or requested that financial planning consultation, but got discouraged or distracted while adding to their cart or filling out a form.

Take some time to test a variety of lead generation technologies. See what works for your business and remain open-minded. And don’t be afraid to talk to an expert if you don’t know where to start.


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