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Are you spending money to drive people to your website?

If so, then you obviously want to get every last dollar out of your spend. So how do you account for people that have gone to your site being interested but dropped off for one of many possible reasons? You’ve already spent that SEO money, already paid for their click from google….but they are now lost and might fall victim to your competitors fancy pop up ads.

Not so fast, all isn’t lost! With Mov-ologys unique platform not only can you capture abandoned web leads but it can help automate your BRANDED marketing strategy to these potential clients.

If #DATA is king these days then maybe #AUTOMATION is the queen….bringing these two powerhouses together as part of a marketing strategy in new ways can help bring in new and lost avenues of revenue AKA #MONEY!

How are you going to change your 2018 strategy to grow more?

I’ll be at LeadsCon 2018 in Las Vegas in March and would love to chat, come by the #Movology booth 106 or email me at Jessica.M@Movology.com


About Us

MOV•ology™ LLC provides real-time automated web form abandonment solutions to increase ROI using our Patented Technology (US Patents 9,280,531, 9,286,282 & 9,589,281).

To learn more, visit us at www.movology.com, call us at 714-855-1670 or send an email to info@movology.com.