When you are prospecting for leads online, the easier and more streamlined you can make the process of capturing user contact info, the better. That’s why web forms are one of the most vital tools to a successful lead generation strategy.
The problem with web forms? They won’t work for you if they never get submitted. You can’t nurture a lead if you don’t have contact info. There are web form abandonment solutions available that can help you capture this information even when unsubmitted, but you can also focus on streamlining your forms before launch.
As with any other tool in your marketing strategy, your web forms should be optimized to make it easy as possible for your targets to hand over their information, allowing you to focus instead on moving them down the funnel.

Issues With Form Conversions

Form conversions are when a user successfully presses submit to send their completed form. Just like when it comes to converting leads into customers, you need to do everything you can to make sure the process is as quick and easy as possible while spurring them to immediate action.
You have about 6 seconds to catch the attention of your reader, let alone convince them to fill out your form. Too many fields? They’ll never make it through.
Not to mention, every year more and more people are relying on their mobile devices to access the web. Do you expect them to fill out a long form using two fingers?

Autofill Speeds Up The Process

Autofill can be your savior when it comes to streamlining the process to increase your form conversions. Some browsers allow users to turn on autofill options, while others allow you to add the feature to the form’s code.
Chrome is one of the most-used browsers, and luckily, it is also the easiest for developers to add autofill code to their forms. Some companies can get away with just capturing an email address, but even if your form is only a single field, if the user’s address automatically pops up, they’ll be much more likely to press submit.
Lead generation forms typically have about a 17% conversion rate, while contact forms have a 1% conversion rate. That means a significant number of your potential leads never even make it onto your radar. Make your web forms more effective by using autofill so that you can capture the contact info you need to launch a successful remarketing strategy to generate sales conversions. An even better bet? Use a web form abandonment solution that can capture the unsent information of users, ensuring you are aware of every potential lead.


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