When using any type of web form, you run the risk of potential customers leaving your site before pressing submit. For financial institutions and businesses that offer credit cards, getting a user to finish their form is necessary – so how to encourage them to do so?

The good news is you can double your credit card application leads with web form abandonment techniques that ensure you always know who is starting to fill out your forms. Sound too good to be true? These simple tips will get you started optimizing your institution’s lead generation and advertising ROI.

1. Capture Unsubmitted Information: By using web form abandonment systems like Mov-ology’s, you get real-time snapshots of user data that never got submitted. They clearly had interest in your offerings, but for whatever reason, weren’t able to complete your application form. Now that information isn’t lost and can be used to draw them back.

2. Reach Out And Remind Them Of Their Interest: You have their information – now what? By re-marketing through personalized follow-ups, you have the opportunity to bring that customer back to your application.

3.Use emails, SMS messaging, and even paper mailings to encourage them to come back.

4. Improve Your Form Style: Credit card applications can be one of the most tedious forms for a user to fill out. Because they require more information than a simple sign-up form, they’re longer, more complicated, and ask for sensitive personal information. Entice users to fill them out by avoiding a typical structure that mimics a paper application. Instead, give your application a narrative structure, or break it up into smaller components, to make the process more engaging.

5. Stay In Touch: Did a user submit an application only to decide not to use your card? They are still a valuable prospect who may be interested in your other offerings down the line. Staying in contact and providing follow-up promotions can build a resource of mortgage leads, prospective account holders, and more potential clients if you provide the type of customer service and outreach that they expect.


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