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It’s the digitalization era we are living in. From emailing, tweeting to grocery shopping, everything’s online.  This might make you think that direct mail ( You know the old school ones that the mailman puts in your mailbox) might be dead, right?  Think again!

Did you know that the Direct Mail Association reported about 65% of the overall consumers made a purchase due to a highly personalized direct mail?

Direct mail marketing’s one of the most highly engaging and best-performing channels that marketers under utilize. Direct mail has the ability to get your message past the spam inbox and right to your prospects door. But….it needs to be done smart, and right to be effective!

In this blog post, we will take a brief look at some of the tips and tricks that will help you create an effective, highly personalized direct mail that will result in increased lead conversions and sales. Let’s get started right away.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Understand the costs involved:

  • Design/Collateral/Print
  • Type Of Mailing (standard vs priority vs bulk)
  • Number Of Recipients
  • Postage

Depending on the direct mail campaign, the overall costs will simply vary. The success of direct mail campaigns can vary greatly. According to DMA (Direct Mail Association), response rates can vary from less than 2% to over 6%…so how do you achieve that 300% increase in responses?


Personalized and Variable

Personalize your direct mail using a variety of assets that speak specifically to your prospect. We live in a world where “data is king” but only when we actually utilize it properly.


That’s what sets the whole mood or catches their eye. It’s what draws your prospects into your message. Make sure that you add an appealing image that will attract each person that you send it over to.  Images can vary depending on traits and data points of your audience….male vs female, aged based, income based….show them a picture that is relevant to their lives.


Providing offers by understanding what your prospects want is one of the best ways to personalize your direct mails. Make sure you provide a spectacular offer that your prospects won’t be able to ignore.


Make sure that you use their names and as much variable personalized data that you possess to call them out in your mail piece. Using it wisely will help you draw more interest.

Compelling CTA

Don’t forget how vital a compelling Call-To-Action is in your mailer. Direct mail is just one of the steps in your buyer’s journey. That’s the reason you should share a logical “Next Step” in front of your prospects.

Here are some of the common example:

  • Free E-Books or Reports
  • “Recommend A Friend” Offer
  • Loyalty Program
  • Free Samples & Gifts
  • Special Introductory Prices or Early Bird Discounts

Target The Best Audience

Conversion rates and consumption habits can vary depending on the vertical as well as audience segments. During the initial phases of building your mailing list, you need to consider target personas. Identify the stage of their buying cycle. Depending on that, align your direct mail offers to the prospects.

We’d advise you to build out the segments of the target accounts. Use behavioral, fit as well as intent data. This will help you ensure that you target the right audience.

Measuring Success

Don’t forget to measure the different metrics to understand whether your direct mail campaigns yielding results or not. 




In short, we can conclude that if you want a better ROI, personalization is the answer. Personalized mailed with a variety of variable data points catches peoples attention and helps drive leads and sales.  See why we partnered with a large print production partner to be able to offer our clients a direct link using incredibly intuitive data to drive marketing into the mailboxes of their prospects HERE.






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