The internet is full of temptation. Whether it is an offer for a free product, or an application for a loan, job, or school, you have likely come across online forms that ask for your contact information.

But how many of those forms do you actually submit?

If you are like the majority of online users, the answer is probably not that many. In fact, CareerBuilder found that 60% of people who started filling out an application for a job ended up abandoning the application without ever completing it. If your company relies on forms to capture user information and generate leads, you will want to find a way to recapture these lost leads, and draw them back in using effective remarketing.

Form Abandonment: The Common Culprits

Web forms come in all shapes and sized, but when it comes to online applications, these are typically longer and more detailed than brief forms asking for contact information alone. However, the same factors that contribute to application abandonment are those that often cause web form abandonment of any kind:

  • Length: The longer the form, the greater the chance that a user stops midway through.
  • Inefficient process: If users have to jump through hoops to figure out how to upload a document or answer a question, you run a far greater risk that they give up altogether.
  • Invasive questions: The key to web form success is the simpler, the better. Ask only what you need at that time and get more complex questions answered once you have initiated personal contact.

Get Them Back: Web Form Abandonment Solutions

Many web forms can be tracked using simple analytics, showing when someone visited the form, which can then be compared to the form submissions you actually receive. However, there is a big difference between seeing that someone started a form and convincing them to come back. A product that captures web form information before submission can, instead, ensure that you have enough information to initiate remarketing techniques, reminding that potential client just what it was that interested them in the first place.



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