As a marketer, your biggest challenge is to get the eyes of the audience you’re trying to attract. But once you have them, how do you turn those eyes into information?

Getting someone to visit your website is one thing, getting them to fill out a form and register is another. It’s crucial that you make your sign up program visually accessible, easy-to-use, and non-intrusive, so potential customers aren’t scared away. These are seven elements of highly effective registration forms.

  1. They’re true to your brand: Your logo and brand voice should be reflected in your sign up form, and you want to be direct with what visitors can expect when they receive your emails, whether it is special offers or subscriber-only content. Keep your text short but impactful.
  2. They don’t put you to sleep: When a form is too long, too visually unstimulating, or asks for too much user input, you run the risk of potential customers growing tired of the process – and associating your brand with that feeling of boredom. Instead, use humor, puns, or stories to move your user from field to field.
  3. They only ask the essentials: What information do you need to get a user started with the registration process? If you’ve thought out your strategy, you’ll only need one: an email address. Additional fields may be necessary for certain industries, but for the most part, always remember that less is more in web forms.
  4. They give all the options: The more a user has to type in, the higher the chances they’ll abandon your form. Instead, provide choices that users can select, and even give them the opportunity to select all answers that apply. You’ll get more information about them, and they’ll only need to click their mouse.
  5. They confirm submission: We’ve all been there – you put in your email address, press submit, and then wonder if it went through. Give users a quick confirmation that they are now signed up, or a Thank You and use images and short text to get them excited about the content they’ll get.
  6. They work on mobile devices: 57% of searches are now performed on smartphones and other devices, so your form needs to be optimized for mobile devices or you could be losing eyes. Users should be able to zoom in and out on your form and complete it from start to finish like they would on their desktop.
  7. They have web form abandonment technology in the background to help capture abandoned leads that fall off and use automated and personalized branded remarketing to help drive those hot leads back to the form to ensure the most leads are captured from all marketing efforts. Unique services like this can be found through Movology with the only PATENTED solution on the market, contact for more info!


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