Did you know that according to Scripted, 44% of salespeople give up after one follow-up? And that the average sales person only makes 2 attempts to reach a prospect (Sirius Decisions)….relaying on human expertise also means relaying on human error.

How hands-on are you in your business’s marketing procedures? If you’re a company of one, you’re probably involved in every aspect, from social posts to customer emails. But even if you’re a company of 100, you at least need to know what processes are being implemented, and what their success rate is.

Marketing automation takes the burden of manually tracking, managing, and building customer relationships off of you and your associates, allowing for more straightforward measurements of success and more time to pursue new opportunities and audiences.

These five benefits of marketing automation will help you streamline your outreach processes of bringing in new clients, create higher converting clients with more follow-up, and maintain happy customers with consistent communication.

1. Know Your Customers

Many marketing automation software and methods provide marketers with opportunities to know more about customers. With this new intelligence, you can start to anticipate your customer’s actions and needs, so that you are giving them what they want with every outreach. Give them things of value, educate them and engrain your brand into their memory.

2. No More Repetitive Tasks

Imagine trying to send 200 personalized messages to 200 of your top customers without the help of an automated system. The room for error is massive, and someone will have to go through the process of writing and sending each email. Automate this process, so you know your customers are being reached, and you’ll have more time for monitoring their activity.

3. Be Consistent

When you automate your marketing processes, you can set up an entire month’s worth of outreach in one day. Generate and schedule social media posts and prepare your email blasts ahead of time, and you’ll find that you have a consistent schedule of communication with customers. When you can automate the follow-up process you can increase your contacts with prospects while also reducing the “human error” effect of inconsistent follow-up.

4. Expand your marketing and sales capacity

If you are utilizing marketing automation tactics properly this will also give you more bandwidth so that you can reach a bigger audience. One highly effective way to reach more people and automate the process is with the MOVology remarking platform.  With the MOVolgoy platform you automatically catch abandoned web lead data, send them a PERSONALIZED and BRANDED remarketing series of emails that not only help drive them back to convert more sales, but also helps build your brand awareness with non users.

Now you’re a fully functioning automated machine consistently touching both customers, prospects, and even abandoned prospects! This is definitely a recipe for increased leads, conversions and sales.

5. Monitor Success

You’ll only know whether your marketing efforts have been worth it if you can track your success. By automating your marketing, you can monitor your costs and expenses, but also watch customer activity in response to your efforts, giving you guidance with areas to improve. With your newly increased sales, you’ll want to keep the automated train moving with tracking so that it can all come full circle.


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