Generating online leads is a primary focus of many B2B and B2C company’s marketing plan, and thankfully, modern techniques have evolved from the days of cold calling. However, finding the right leads can be a long and frustrating process if you don’t know where to focus your time and resources. Instead, follow these four effective methods of boosting your online lead generation for maximum success.

  1. Generate Helpful Content

Content marketing may be a part of your overall strategy, but if your goal is to generate leads, then you need to put content to work in the best way. Personalize your content to your specific audience, which will draw them in and position you as a valuable resource. Try and craft your content to be helpful in solving a common problem that your audience faces. Also, be sure to include compelling CTAs that drive your customers to take the desired action.

2.Make The Buying Process Easy

You can use tools like landing pages to help tailor each step of the lead funnel process. The easier you make things for customers, the better the chance you have that they will convert. When it comes to landing pages, remember your content goals, and make them easy-to-read, helpful, and include an impactful CTA. Use A/B testing to compare different ways to enhance your pages, so they are always as effective as possible.

3.Find Ways To Grab Contact Info

The more you can get potential customers to hand over their contact info, the more you’ll be able to nurture leads to conversions. Web forms can be helpful for enticing them to do so, particularly if coupled with a special offer or free product, and can be integrated with your landing pages or pop-up when users access content. The problem? Sometimes consumers hesitate before pressing the submit button, or they get distracted and never finish. Web Form Abandonment can be a major issue, but luckily, there are solutions for re-marketing to these individuals.

4.Re-marketing Works

One of the best ways to generate leads is to follow up with those individuals who have already visited your site. If they’ve been there once, then you have something that they are interested in, and now you have a chance to motivate them to follow through. The problem is finding ways to target these individuals if they’ve left without giving you their information. While forms are useful, they’re only effective if your users actually press the submit button. Instead, a web from abandonment solution that focuses on capturing contact information not submitted can help you effectively retarget those individuals who never finished filling out their forms.

When it comes to lead generation, remember that the focus should be on knowing your buyer personas inside and out. The more you can appeal to the audience who is likely to make a purchase, the better your chance of increasing conversions.


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