Do you understand how tech-fueled lead generation campaigns work, but still face significant roadblocks that prevent your company from turning leads into loyal customers? If so, read on. In this article, we’ll uncover four major hurdles that prevent well-intended marketers from running truly effective, revenue-growing lead generation campaigns.


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You Don’t Know Where to Find Leads

Many marketers feel lost when building their first list of leads. And who can blame them? There’s a virtually infinite pool of people out there who might become customers. But when building a thoughtful leads list, you’ll want to hone in those who are likely to perform a desired action, otherwise known as a conversion.

You might want to consider adding these names to your leads list:

  • Old or dormant customers you haven’t heard from in a while
  • Would-be customers who have abandoned carts mid-shop
  • Potential customers who began filling out a form online, but failed to finish

To keep this list growing, try boosting your online presence with powerful content, enticing offers, a great website and effective calls to action (CTAs). Once your leads list is satisfactorily long, you can start a remarketing campaign that encourages your leads to get back in touch, book that trip or buy those dog pajamas.

MOVOLOGY | 4  Lead Generation Hurdles & How to Overcome Them

You Don’t Have A Dedicated Marketer Generating and Nurturing Leads

Many businesses do not hire an employee to specifically handle tech-driven lead generation. Often, these marketing strategies are added to the long list of responsibilities assigned to a sales team—or even a single salesperson.

Lead generation and nurturing is a full-time job. If your salesperson spends only a few hours a week managing those campaigns, then leads are ignored and campaigns are not continuously optimized. Your company will not see great results.

If you cannot employ a full-time campaigns manager or do, but want better results, consider investing in customer-relationship management (CRM) software or hiring a skilled third-party vendor to manage your remarketing campaigns.

MOVOLOGY | 4  Lead Generation Hurdles & How to Overcome Them

Your Offers and CTAs Miss The Mark

Even if you’ve built a first-class leads list, your business won’t see the results it craves if its campaign offers and CTAs are inappropriate or ineffective. Overly generous discounts devalue products and lead to one-time buyers who’ll never pay full price for anything. On the flipside, a remarketing email offering a 3% discount for first-time customers will be construed as a joke by your leads, who’ll probably mark your messages as spam.

Work alongside your remarketing partners and your sales team to understand the value of the products and services you sell, then pick an appropriate-but-attractive offer to market.

MOVOLOGY | 4  Lead Generation Hurdles & How to Overcome Them

 You Don’t Review or Understand Why Campaigns Succeed or Fail

Whether your email list had a fabulous response rate or not one potential customer activated your generous offer, the key to constantly-improving lead generation campaigns is data. Skilled remarketing experts and cutting-edge technology can help your business use data and analytics to understand why some lists soar while others flop.

Don’t chalk up any lead gen campaign to good luck. Understand every aspect of your campaigns so you can create scalable, reliable marketing strategies that’ll boost your business’s bottom line for years to come.


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