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MOVOLOGYAbandonment Solutions Web Form Abandonment – Too Busy or Don’t Care?

Web Form Abandonment – Too Busy or Don’t Care?

Web forms are incredibly useful for everything from building up a new business’s contact list to gathering applications for an open job position. By making it easy for users to quickly share and submit information, web forms can consolidate and present information to you in a way that makes it easy to guide your customers to the next step in the funnel.

That is, if they end up submitting them.

Web form abandonment can stagnate your hopes of lead generation, but it isn’t something that you have to accept. Instead, find ways to make your forms more appealing to potential customers, in addition to ways that you can deploy remarketing techniques throughout the process to help nurture them to conversions. By using web form abandonment solutions that allow you to capture entered information regardless of whether it is submitted, you can obtain more leads while also learning what it is about your forms that work – and what doesn’t.

Users Stop Entering After A Few Fields

Monitoring web form visits using analytics won’t always help you understand when people stop filling out your forms. However, with a product that captures unsubmitted user information, you can analyze the point at which most users stop completing forms. Hence, if the majority of form abandonments happen between fields three and four on your form, you know that you’ll want to try out shorter forms that only ask pertinent information. Busy people don’t have time to spend scrolling down long forms or typing in their life story to a text box.

Users Stop Entering At A Specific Field

In some cases, it may be a specific field that causes the majority of your users to give up on your web form. If they are handing over contact information for a free eBook, asking them about their job, household, pet name, or even address may be the field that causes them to give up. While people are hesitant about handing over too much personal information, they also get bored easily, so keep forms simple and to the point.

Modern marketing is all about speed and convenience, so utilizing resources that will allow you to remind those customers what it is that interested them before abandoning a web form can be the extra push they need to convert.


MOV•ology™ provides enterprise and SMB marketers real-time automated next generation web from abandonment solutions to increase ROI using our Patented Technology (US Patents 9,280,531 & 9,286,282). Our end-to-end webformabandonment solutions are unequaled in the industry. We produce results: bring back visitors • more conversions • more customers • more sales. Our product portfolio extends from transactional eKart™ shopping cart and eForm™ form abandonment recovery solutions to lightbox acquisition, identifying and profiling site abandoners in real-time, significantly lifting your marketing ROI. Imagine recovering over 20% of abandoned web form abandoners with our Patented real-time, automated web from abandonment solutions, through MOV•ology’s Consumerology™ platform.

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