Businesses of different niches become highly competitive. Potential buyers look for products and brands that stand out from the crowd. So, marketers have to pull some new ideas out of their heads. Today, consumers trust the words or comments of genuine brand customers. Both employees and customers of a company may say positive things about its products/services. Still, potential buyers give more importance to the words of your previous customers. They also like to hear recommendations from their friends and relatives. That is why marketers have started giving more focus to testimonial advertising.

Good testimonials on different online channels can be a drive for your business. But how will you apply testimonial advertising tactics? How do they benefit your business? Online testimonials can be a major business driver.

Get a brief idea of testimonial advertising

This advertising campaign involves using customers’ words to make your marketing efforts successful. It has already been said that shoppers like to hear words of recommendations from their previous customers. So, you can make the best use of different customer feedback tools. These tools facilitate review generation and make your marketing process more manageable. 

For instance, you like to promote your VoIP services. Your potential customers will learn about your claims. Still, they will check whether your promotional content includes quotes and reviews from real customers.  

Thus, you can advertise your brand with authentic testimonials. By showing testimonials, your marketers can connect with potential buyers. 

Testimonials ads are of various types. The way how your marketers use customer testimonials or feedback depends on your product category. The type of your campaign also makes a difference. Some common types of testimonials-

  • Quotes from your customers to be included in case studies of your company
  • Find out UGC from various social media platforms (like Facebook and Instagram) and other third-party sites.
  • You may also have a screenshot of reviews posted on your site and display it on other platforms.
  • You can show video testimonials to your social media contacts.
  • Join the forum to learn how customers talk about your brand.

Why should you give importance to testimonial ads?

Trust is the major reason for posting testimonial ads. However, it is challenging to win the trust of your potential customers. More than 80% of shoppers like to trust the words of their previous or old customers. So, testimonial advertising has gained high importance.

Testimonial ads- Static versus video

A testimonial advertising campaign can be of 2 types- Static and video ads. Which one should you choose for your promotional program? You have to make your decision based on different factors. The type of your product and the platforms you use are significant.

Static ads involve images and text to promote your products or services. You can select the image on your own. Or it is a part of the customers’ original testimonials. For instance, a customer might have reviewed your software and posted some screenshots.

Static testimonial ads are viral as they are easy to produce. These ads contain 30 to 50 words. Customers also show their names to the post. They even publish their photos while posting the review. Moreover, these static ads are easy to post on almost any platform. But, there is one downside to choosing static testimonial advertisements.

Now, let us talk about video testimonial ads. It is an excellent choice because they add a layer of realism. It is not easy to deceive customers. So, modern customers are not generally fake. That is why you can ask your customers to talk about your products or services. Post the video of testimonials and win more customers. 

There is another advantage of using testimonial videos. A short video lets your customers speak at least 120 to 200 words. On the other hand, a static ad shows around 50 words. That is why several brands prefer testimonial videos to promote their services or products. Make sure you have edited the videos before publishing the testimonials.


Testimonial advertising is a way to draw new customers to your store or business website. Testimonials also prove that you have an authentic business. However, it is essential to combine it with other marketing and remarketing techniques. You can use Movology’s remarketing software for automated solutions. Efficient marketers deploy automated tools and other strategic advertising techniques for the best result.