How To Publish Social Media Ads For High-Intent Web Traffic

Do you struggle to bring a lot of traffic to your website throughout the day? You have also achieved your goal of attracting several visitors to your site. Still, you have found zero sales. Why? The truth is that not every website visit provides you with the desired business value. For this reason, professional marketers give high importance to the type of traffic. Although there is a low volume of traffic, you need to focus on its quality. Several companies rely on social media and search engines to bring visitors with advertising campaigns. In the case of Google Ads, you may have placed your bid for high-intent keywords. So, how would you use social media ads for high-intent web traffic?

Publish Social Media Ads For High-Intent Web Traffic

Social media ads for high-intent web traffic: A brief concept about high-intent keywords

These are search terms used by consumers who have a higher chance of getting converted into customers. You can easily convince them to take the right action. So, your business needs to reach those potential customers and drive more conversions. As a marketer, you need to understand the high-intent keywords and phrases to target the right individuals (whose behavior indicates that they have a desire to make a purchase).

However, how will you identify high-intent keywords? Some general terms involve high intent, and these search terms may be 

  • Transactional- Buying intent.
  • Informational- Desire to collect business information
  • Navigational- Desire to reach a definite webpage on your site

Using high-intent keywords for the website is good for marketing. But how will you use them for social media ads? Promoting your business on the social media platform involves a unique technique. One thing to be noted is that most of the consumers do not visit social media platforms with the intent of buying something. They like to use the platform to connect with their friends and get entertained. It is your responsibility to make your ads visible to them. It is not easy to match the type of conversion rates that can be noticed for placing bids on high-intent search terms.

Some companies have a large number of followers, though they have not done anything to trigger purchases. Those audiences enjoy the regular posts made by your marketers. However, it is important to apply smarter technologies to attract high-quality leads. Using powerful tools, you can do it effectively on social media platforms. 

Use demographic details to create your smart ads

Who will actually buy your product? You have thought that you have perfectly targeted the right market. However, ultimately, you have found a new audience interested in purchasing your products and services. In this case, you can take advantage of Facebook pixel data.

It will enable you to check the demographics of those who have been engaged with the posts. Moreover, you will learn about the audience that has undergone conversion. Based on the targeting information, you will be able to develop a Lookalike Audience that comprises audiences who have already visited your site. Thus, it is a way to ensure they have a high purchase intent.

Some digital marketers apply the old trick of purchasing advertisements based on the target audience of a particular region. They think that it will result in a higher engagement level. However, this technique has become outdated., as it cannot bring valuable customers. Geo-targeting is not a major parameter for an advertising campaign. But, you should target the right age group, gender, and a number of relevant options.

The safest option for you is to rely on data for better guidance. In some cases, you may find that your best converting visitor is not someone for whom you have created the ad. Thus, this type of feedback will easily encourage you to generate new advertisements. You will then find a large number of high-intent customer views in the future. 

Make the best use of the Ad library of Facebook

You might not have used Facebook Ad Library, but it plays an important role in your high-intent advertising campaign. To maintain transparency, Facebook enables every user to see ads that run across the platform. You have to know the performance of those ads. It is the best way to identify what others do, and you can save valuable time.

The most important thing is that you can check the versions of every post made by your competitors. By analyzing those versions, you will understand your competitors’ tactics. You can track them continuously and work on the right options for your campaign. It is essential to focus on every aspect, including the ad copy, tone, and image style. After creating 8 to 10 versions of your ad posts, you can detect the best path for you.

Boost your social media content automatically

Several Facebook marketers have overlooked the Boost Post button in the social media platform. Although it is a normal post, you can push it out to a wide audience with minimal cost. Facebook Ad Manager lets you develop a post, which has several customization options. However, it can make your campaign costly. Thus, boosted posts can be the perfect option for rapid feedback.

You can choose a monthly ad package to make the most popular posts visible to your audience. So, set your budget and frequency of boosting the posts.

The basic Facebook metric is that when a social media post receives 80% more comments, shares, and reactions than other posts, the social media will automatically boost that post. When applied properly, the automatically boosted social media post will enable you to convert a large audience. Your website will receive high-intent traffic with this approach.


You can now start creating social media ads for high-intent web traffic. You will be able to drive your sales rate. Social ads are also effective for remarketing purposes. You can use the technologically advanced solution of Movology.comIt has automated remarketing software to make your advertising campaign easier