Social media ad retargeting guide for marketing professional

How often do you find your potential customers visiting your site? Most businesses claim that although their visitors navigate the website, they do not take action. It is one of the biggest problems of several businesses. So, how will you get back the lost visitors? You can turn to social media to retain your lost visitors. However, social media ad retargeting is a more effective technique to achieve the desired result.

List-based retargeting techniques implement different emails uploaded from past/potential customers. Your chosen platform detects and identifies those who have used the same email address on the network. However, you have to remove emails manually. 

Pixel-based retargeting involves using JavaScript in the users’ web browsers to track products and pages viewed by them. 

Social media ads retargeting- Choose the best platform

You can focus on different social media platforms for your retargeting ad campaign. Based on the chosen social media network, you need to apply the right retargeting techniques.


You can add the Pinterest tag to your webpage and retarget visitors based on their activities, such as adding products to the shopping cart and browsing a category. For visitor targeting, you have 2 options.

  • URL tracks pages viewed by your website visitors.
  • Adds event tags to your site and uses relevant data

Another option for you is the engagement targeting campaign, which lets you reach the target pinners. These pinners have responded to your Pinterest campaigns with personalized content. Moreover, you may develop your target audience according to the comments, pin clicks, and other actions.

Snapchat retargeting

Engage the target audiences who are using Snapchat. Also, you can implement a retargeting technique to focus on those users who have previously interacted with your ads on the app.

YouTube retargeting

Properly implemented video remarketing strategies can bring you the best result. Based on the past activities of the viewers, you can make your YouTube retargeting campaign successful.

Instagram and Facebook retargeting

These are popular platforms to build custom audiences. Besides, you have more than one way to retarget these audiences.

  • App users– Using the Facebook pixel, you can target those who have used your mobile app. You can inspire these app users to return to the games.
  • Website visitors– By inserting Facebook pixels, you can develop custom audiences. The data on the website traffic can be used to display ads to people.
  • Contact list– Data from CRM can be used for connecting with Instagram/Facebook customers.

You can also publish dynamic ads on your Facebook page to promote your services and products to your potential customers. It is better to upload the product catalog to your social media page. Besides, it lets you run the campaign smoothly and retain lost visitors. 

Twitter retargeting

On Twitter, you can choose from different types of audiences. For instance, lists can be used to target the right audiences. 

LinkedIn retargeting

You can categorize website visitors who use the LinkedIn platform. Also, it will be easy to tailor the LinkedIn ad to those visitors.

So, make your social media ad retargeting campaign successful with the right steps. To automate your retargeting campaign, you can rely on Movology. Moreover, automated software lets you integrate different tools to add functionality.