Are you feeling confused about promoting your small business? You cannot think of where to start. Most startups and small businesses face this challenge. This small business marketing guide will help you solve your queries.

Small business marketing: A guide

Identify the market for your products and services

A marketing campaign begins with services and products you sell. Identifying those to whom you sell your goods or services is also essential. The most critical steps for this purpose are-

  • Know the problems solved by your service providers and products
  • List the features to be included in your products.
  • Design a one-page document that outlines your products or services. You can then get feedback from a few customers.

Suppose you have a construction company that provides different services- interior remodeling, installing siding, and installing doors/windows. Create separate pages for every service. Add CTA, customer testimonials, and case studies to these pages. Some companies sell products like printed items and garments. Thus, you can create pages based on your product/service category.

Set a profitable price

The second step to promoting your business is to set a reasonable price for your service and products. For instance, you must not overlook shipping, manufacturing, and delivery charges to earn profits if you sell some physical goods. You can also check the competitors’ charges and the average budget of your clients.

Set your goals

Identify your goal before applying marketing efforts. The most common goals are-

  • Acquiring new customers

You want to acquire new customers if you have just started your business. However, acquiring new customers is a challenging task. You must take steps when your customers move through a marketing funnel. Attract your potential customers and let them understand that your product will solve their problems. Give them strong reasons to purchase your products. Note down the number of newly acquired customers every month.

  • Upsell your products to your current customer base

You have a small or big customer base if you have already established your business. So, the main intention is to sell your products/services to those customers. At the same time, you should also take steps to attract new customers. 

Make a list of services and products you can sell your existing customers.

  • Retain your loyal customers

Every business owner has the responsibility to keep customers happy. Your customers may leave you if you ignore them. Suppose your current customer base consists of 1000 buyers. They pay $50 every month. Thus, your monthly revenue will be $50000. On the other hand, losing 50 customers in a month leads to a revenue loss of $2,500.

Select places to sell services and products

You can choose offline and online channels to put your products/services on sale.

Start your promotional campaign

Check the list of the marketing program

  • Website– You can draw web traffic depending on how you have promoted your products or services. 
  • Content marketing and SEO– The most effective way to develop web traffic from search results. If your potential customers look for relevant products, your SEO tactics will help you make your site appear in the search result.
  • Email– Creating a list of email subscribers is the most important step. Creating a signup form and newsletter is essential to build connections with email subscribers. Your regular emails can convert leads into new customers. E-commerce retainers can earn significant revenue by delivering welcome emails, win-back emails, and car abandonment emails.
  • Paid search– PPC advertising tactics enable you to reach your target audience. You need to pay an amount when someone clicks your ads. You can also run your Google Ads campaign to regain lost customers. Use to publish your remarketing ads for your customers. You can also integrate third-party tools into your application to get a better outcome.
  • In-app marketing is another marketing strategy to make your messages and adverts appear within mobile apps and software. There are tools to send in-app notifications to users.


You now have a clear idea of starting a small business marketing campaign. You can review your marketing activities every month. Learn what works best and what does not. Set your goals and control everything with an automated marketing tool. Remarketing tools from Movology have gained high popularity.