Find the best remarketing strategy for your campaign

Remarketing is a technique used by advertisers to re-deliver the ads to the target audience based on previous interactions. As these potential customers are familiar with your services/products, your remarketing ads can convince them to make a deal. So, you can use remarketing as a tool for promoting your business. But what is the best remarketing strategy?

Best remarketing strategy for your campaign

Tag the right pages

Determining the website pages to be tagged is the most important step. You may tag your page AdWords remarketing or Google Analytics remarketing code. However, it would be best if you focused on your marketing goals to identify the landing page to be tagged.

For instance, your company must turn out 20% more leads in a month. You may also tag the bounced website visitors. So, it is essential to nurture the warmed audience and increase the number of leads.  

Design different remarketing campaigns

Not every website visitor is to be treated the same. Segment your visitors properly to identify your customers’ needs. How many web pages have been viewed by your visitors? How much time have your visitors spent on your website? You can determine the nurturing technique to be applied to these visitors.

You must design different CTAs for successful sales funnels for every segmented advertising group. Check conversion rates for every segment of the audience. 

Create multiple sizes for ads with corresponding copies and images

It would be best if you designed ads of varying sizes for different networks. It ensures your ads are compatible with the Google Ad network. Optimize the reach of your personalized message and follow the site visitors.

Bid on shopping cart abandons

You may have found your visitors highly interested in your products and services when they visit your landing pages. But, some visitors have abandoned the shopping cart, while others have left lead-generating pages (such as webinars).

As they have left these pages, you need to remind them to come back to your site. It will increase the chance of converting them into customers. 

Your strategy for placing bids on remarketing ads is to be adjusted. You can invest more in warmer traffic by controlling the ad spend. At the same time, you can decrease frequency capping on landing pages.

Consider frequency capping for Google remarketing ads

Like remarketing duration, frequency capping is one of the significant factors. So, you need to set how many times your advertisements show within a particular timeframe. 

Remarketing ads follow the target visitors everywhere they go. However, they do not like to click on these ads every time they appear. That is why you must set the frequency cap while running your advertising campaign. 

Remarketing frequency capping is to be set based on your needs. For instance, you like to promote a limited-time coupon. So, you should ensure that your ads will be visible to your visitors more frequently.

Bid less on non-converting visitors and homepage traffic

You can reduce your advertising budget for the traffic bounced from the homepage. If visitors still check out the sales funnel, you have to convince them to be back on your site. Your ad budget for the early-stage visitors should be comparatively.  

No direct sale- Give importance to education and content

If it is a high-traffic site, remarketing will benefit your business by increasing the number of clicks to the non-lead-generating pages. Thus, while nurturing the bounced visitors, you should educate them and let them learn about your services. You must inform them how your services and products will solve their issues. 

Your goal is to have more leads and increase sales. This is how you can get back the money you have spent on advertisements.

Direct your advertisements to your non-converting audience

Your non-converting website visitors should be your main target. However, you can adjust your message after a particular period. For instance, you have thought of offering a 20% discount for new buyers. However, after 2 weeks, you can find a drop in CTRs. There may be several reasons behind it. Thus, by editing your ad message, you can renew interest in your services and products. 

If the market does not respond to your deal, you can also adjust your image and CTA message.

Do you now like to create the best remarketing strategy for your business? This brief guide will enable you to take the right steps. You can also use automated remarketing software from Movology Automated technology will make your advertising process easier