Remarketing Facts That Are Highly Important For Marketing Professionals

remarketing facts

Have you already applied your remarketing techniques to your business? However, without a good concept, you may not be able to gain the optimal value from this campaign. It seems that you know the goal behind running the remarketing program. But, some remarketing facts are still unknown to you. A brief discussion of these facts will let you rethink your approach.

Find the most interesting remarketing facts for your campaign

These facts will encourage marketers to refine their strategies.

It takes time to see a higher conversion rate

Some marketers are too conservative, and they give high importance to the frequency caps of the ad.

But, the truth is that the more your target audience views your ads during your remarketing campaign, there is chance of higher conversion rates. However, CTR can get reduced in due course. Interestingly, those who click on your advertisement after seeing it a couple of times can get converted into customers. 

Every individual is busy and has different aspects of life. Your remarketing ad is a gentle reminder that the visitors have not gone through the process already initiated on your site. With our remarketing effort, you can reinforce your brand message to these visitors. Thus, your ads will make them familiar with your business. They will learn about your products and services. Finally, they will make a deal with you when the right time comes.

Remarketing clicks do not cost high

In highly competitive sectors, search ads may cost you several dollars. For instance, you need to pay $50 per click in case of some keywords. On the contrary, clicks on social remarketing and display ads can cost 2-100 times less. 

It is true that social remarketing and search ads can result in a high conversion rate. But, the CPC is also high. So, the high CPC is balanced because you will enjoy a good conversion rate. You can find higher revenues from investing in display and social remarketing ads.

Google Display Network and Facebook offer the optimal reach

Which remarketing platform will give you the highest return on your investment? Marketers have found the best results by using Facebook and Display Network. Your business has a better reach by making the best use of these platforms. 

Several internet users in this world use Google, and most of them reach the network every day. There are over 1 trillion impressions every month. Similarly, Facebook has billions of users, and the majority of them log into their accounts daily.

Thus, you can post your remarketing ads on both of these platforms.      

Both Facebook and GDN assign Quality Score

Have you assumed unattractive remarketing ads will discourage viewers from clicking on your link? You have thought that this strategy would lower your CTR. You will not get clicks from irrelevant traffic. But, Quality Score will kill your strategy. Ultimately, you will need to pay more for clicks and obtain a smaller number of impressions.

 On the GDN, an increase for every 0.1% in CTR can decrease your CPC by 20%. The reverse is also true.

Moreover, Quality Score on Facebook is highly important. When your post-engagement rate is increased by 1%, the cost per engagement will be reduced by 5%. The number of likes, clicks, and comments will measure your Facebook post engagement level.

Thus, you should not target a low CTR in your remarketing campaign. It is essential to leverage benefits from Quality Score. Super clickable and highly engaging ads that target the right audience will give you the best result. 

You will find better conversions at a minimal cost.

Build your brand successfully with remarketing

Why have you started your remarketing campaign? You have thought of getting back your lost leads. However, one of the interesting remarketing facts is that brand building is possible with remarketing campaigns. 

But, you can claim that it is not easy to develop a brand using organic search listings and small ads. There is a very limited space to show characters. Thus, you have no way to display your logo and other visuals.

Display remarketing gives you a chance to build your brand. You will be able to infuse creativity into your image-based advertisements. These ads will easily attract your ads, and your website will receive a high traffic volume. Your ads will also appear in the organic searches.

Customer Relationship Optimization becomes more effective with remarketing

The conventional concept of marketing funnels has become outdated. Nowadays, there is no need to make a long journey from impressions to conversions. There is a chance of losing leads on improperly designed landing pages. 

We are living in a world of interconnected and mobile devices. Modern consumers may access your marketing funnel at any stage. Remarketing lets you manage the funnel efficiently.

Although a funnel involves multiple steps for capturing potential customers and directing them to the checkout page, remarketing can be more effective. It is intended for users who have shown interest previously. You may persuade them at any step of their purchasing process. There is no need to use a funnel.

Increase your brand awareness with a remarketing campaign

As remarketing can target users interested in your business, it lets you grow brand awareness. It is also easier to create a sense of awareness with display advertisements. Brand colors, logos, and creative elements can generate a more lasting impression.

Remarketing is one of the important parts of social media, paid search, and content marketing. It will add effectiveness to every marketing campaign. Do not let your potential customers overlook you. Remarketing will save you in different ways. Remarketing facts shared by us will increase your knowledge. You can also visit to find the best software for automated remarketing. Capture® and Recover® will bring lost leads and make your remarketing campaign much easier.