Personalized social media campaigns- Get the best tips 

Do you like to add a touch of personalization to your marketing and remarketing programs? Personalization is the best technique implemented by several successful brands in your business niche. So, creating a personalized marketing strategy is also essential for your social media campaigns. We will discuss more on personalized social media campaigns.

More than 90% of customers like to buy products and services from brands that provide customized solutions and offers. These customers are also ready to provide their basic details to help these brands to offer personalized solutions.

Marketers collect a high volume of data from different sources. However, most of them do not make the best use of data. Only a few marketers apply hyper-personalization strategies to obtain several benefits. They use data to ensure better advertisement targeting and user experience. Moreover, data enables them to find the relevant audience on social networking platforms. 

Personalized marketing: A brief concept

Data is important for personalized marketing to convey highly relevant messages to the target audience. This data tells you about the audience’s demographics, interests, and behavior. So, you will be able to craft valuable content for social media fans and followers. To stand out in the competition, you should apply some personalization hacks.

Personalization lets you reach customers in different ways-

  • It saves consumers from loads of information.
  • Consumers think that they have control over what is displayed to them.

Different options for personalized social media campaigns

Personalization is of different types- triggered, profiled, user-set, and behavioral personalization. Personalized marketing develops a strong relationship with customers, lowers the bounce rate, and increases conversion rates.

You can now check how different brands have applied personalization strategies for SMM campaigns. Based on this guide, you can adjust your campaign for a better outcome.

Social media retargeting with personalization techniques

Retargeting programs provide you with several opportunities when you apply personalization tactics.

Retargeting is a way to send targeted ads to those who have already visited your site. For instance, someone might have read your blogging section. Again, some visitors have added products to shopping carts and made transactions. 

You have to target those audiences with a personalized and separate message. You can also show dynamic advertisements of the product to these visitors.

To better understand, you can think of the innovative recommendation engine used by Amazon. However, you may take a better approach by putting products into multiple groups. In several cases, segmented marketing campaigns facilitate personalization in advertisements.

Showing a particular copy at pain points helps customers think you care for them. It also makes relationships with them stronger. However, you can create a re-engagement copy to deal with previous customers. You will also understand their current relationship with your business. 

Personalized quizzes on social media platforms

Quizzes serve two significant purposes- The questions help with audience engagement and let you gather valuable information. You can deliver personalized user experiences. One of the most significant advantages is that quizzes are easily shareable multiple times. Thus, with minimal effort, you can find several potential ways to collect relevant data for personalization purposes. Convincing your target audience to participate in the quiz contest is easy.

While retargeting your website visitors with quizzes, you can launch Google Ads Display and Facebook ads campaigns. It is an innovative way to draw visitors to your site and convert them into customers.

As the quiz contest lets you gather data and email addresses, you can send a targeted message to your potential customers. Several companies have claimed that Facebook quizzes have the power to capture a large volume of lead data.

So, you can apply the strategy on the social media platform for higher engagement. A Facebook automation tool is the right solution for creating images, scheduling content, and posting them.

Personalized videos

Video content is viral on social media platforms. Recently, several brands have chosen a video-based marketing approach to promote their business. However, they have personalized the content of their videos.

Facebook has also made videos for users to show the social history of a friendship. Facebook users give high value to these videos. Thus, anything that is relevant and personal always receives appreciation.

But your company is unlike Facebook, and you cannot start a social networking site. Nevertheless, you can leverage benefits from Facebook’s data to develop customized videos.

Several successful brands have applied this tactic to run the campaign. Your company needs to obtain data from the profiles of your Facebook fans. The data includes the location, interests, and age of target audiences. However, ensure that these target users are willing to connect with your brand.

The video content should blend relevant information and personal photos to match users. You can achieve grand success with this approach.

Personalized chatbots on social platforms

Chatbots have become one of the latest marketing trends with significant potential. However, you can go one step forward by personalizing the tool. Chatbots can start an impersonal conversation on social media platforms. You can compare the tool to a professional salesperson. These bots ask a few questions to the visitors and offer relevant recommendations to them. AI chatbots are the best options for your social media marketing campaign. 

Moreover, chatbots receive feedback and views from users. Thus, integrating a chatbot into your social media will provide you with a range of benefits.


You can now think of creative ways to run personalized social media campaigns. In your social media retargeting campaign also, you can implement personalization tactics. Several professional marketers have used Capture, an automated remarketing software with reliable features. You may also use this cloud-based marketing solution for your campaign. The software lets you integrate several tools to provide better functional value.