Lower cost-per-click and higher revenue

As a PPC advertiser, you might aim to get more clicks and draw valuable traffic to your website. However, one of the common targets of advertisers is to lower cost-per-click. Naturally, a successful campaign generates a high ROI. But, the CPC should be comparatively low to make your campaign cost-effective. Most advertisers set up the Google Ad campaign and then leave it. It is not the right approach to the PPC advertising program. So, you have to tweak the setup and reduce your CPC.

Lower cost-per-click and higher revenue: A guide

We have shared some strategies to minimize the CPC of your PPC campaign.

Choose long-tail keywords

Your first target should be the keywords on which you like to place your beds. Long-tail keywords refer to phrases that comprise at least 4 words.

The search volume for these long-tail keywords is low. Thus, when it comes to bidding, you will face less competition. Those keywords will also be an affordable option for your PPC campaign. But, one problem is that you may not be able to attract more visitors to your site. Still, you will gain high visibility by using your long-tail keywords. You will have an incredible conversion opportunity as these keywords are more precise.

How do you identify the best long-tail keywords? You can use Keyword Planner to learn about the average CPC and search volume.

It is also essential to choose hyper-relevant keywords which match the searcher’s intent. Due to the increased relevance, you can improve Click-Through-Rates. Better CTR means a higher Quality Score.

Choose new types of matches

Another thing to be considered is the new match types. However, you should research the relevant market and industry for this purpose. You may find a difference in the CPC for the particular keywords.

While trying various match types, you should know that broad match types attract a high traffic volume. This match type is less restrictive as well.

Use different Keyword Variations to lower cost-per-click

Another technique for your PPC marketing is the use of new keyword variations. You will receive better PPC results if you dedicate more effort and time to your keyword research. You will also earn a high profit while keeping the CPC low.

For instance, you run a business that sells gluten-free pet food. Your goal is to achieve success in your business. But, as more companies have started manufacturing gluten-free foods for pets, you will find stiff competition. Some relevant keywords involve a high cost from the CPC perspective. 

If your budget for a Google Ads campaign is not high, you may feel it is impossible to meet others’ efforts. However, some advertisers have found it safe to choose shorter keyword research.

Look for negative keywords

These are additional phrases to be added to your ad groups and campaigns. Your advertisement will not appear for those negative keywords. For instance, you like to bid on the keyword- luxury leather handbag. As a match type for this phrase, your advertisement will also be visible for the keyword- cheap leather wallet.

Thus, it would result in a waste of clicks. Use negative keywords for avoiding this problem and lower your CPC.

Adjust your bidding strategy

You can make multiple bidding strategies for Google Ads. Integrate automated technology into your bidding strategies-

  • Higher CPC
  • More clicks
  • Target CPA
  • A higher number of conversions

Some advertisers prefer a manual bidding technique, as it enables them to control the CPC. You may bid only a small amount based on your budget. But, it should be an amount that lets your ads appear on the top of the search results.

You can adjust your bidding strategy by interpreting the conversion data.

Evaluate Quality Score

Quality Score lets you understand how Google has rated your ads, landing page, and keywords based on relevance. It can affect the position of your advertisements and the amount you pay for every click. A higher quality score means a higher ad rank. Thus, it will reduce the CPC. To improve this score, you should create targeted ads.


You can now create the best Google Adwords strategy to lower cost-per-click. With a low CPC, you can achieve your goal and attract visitors with high purchase intent. Several advertisers use automated technology to streamline their campaigns. You can also choose the automated software of Movology.com. Movology has patented remarketing software to automate the processes.