LinkedIn remarketing campaign- A comprehensive guide to B2B marketers

LinkedIn comes first to our minds when you run B2B marketing. But how do you drive engagement on this professional networking platform? You regularly comment on LinkedIn posts and send newsletters to your established audience. However, it is also better to invest in paid ads on LinkedIn. Start your LinkedIn remarketing campaign and gain more leads from the social media platform. We have provided a comprehensive guide on how to run this campaign with quality ads.   

LinkedIn remarketing of different types

LinkedIn allows you to retarget different types of audiences. Matched Audiences is a special feature which has made your retargeting easier. Use the feature to connect with audiences of varying types. Based on the type of remarketing campaign, you need to create your strategy.

Website retargeting

The major remarketing technique involves showing ads to those who have interacted with your site in the past. You can also apply this tactic on the LinkedIn platform.

Insight Tags is an innovative feature to target LinkedIn users who have visited your website. You can then categorize them into multiple segments according to their activities on your site.

While creating your advertisements around past website behaviors, you may create a tailored ad copy for them. Your ads have to be relevant to every user’s interests and preferences. It will increase the CTR, and you will achieve success with your remarketing campaign.

It is to be noted that there should be at least 300 users in every segment to design an ad. You will get the best result for a website, which receives consistent traffic.

A business page on LinkedIn takes around 48 hours to develop a full segment. However, in case your website takes a long time to create traffic, you should target a broader segment. As your campaigns generate results, you may review every segment and advertisement.

Contact Targeting

With a database of email subscribers for your LinkedIn campaign, you may upload the list and connect with them with your ads. The contact targeting feature will make your task easier because the list contains data on your potential customers. 

After uploading your list, you must design your ads based on the subscribers’ preferences and interests. It is highly significant when you segment your email list into several parts of the target audience. With a highly tailored audience, you can make your ads more effective. There is a higher chance of achieving the desired results.

According to LinkedIn, you can upload a list of around 10000 subscribers. However, you may choose only 300 email subscribers for contact targeting. It lets you re-engage the audience.

Account Targeting

There are some companies with which you like to make your deal. So, which brands are the target audiences of your website? Account targeting lets you reach these companies.

You should upload the list of those target companies. Use the account targeting option of LinkedIn to promote your business to decision-makers of the target companies. You will be able to find the right matches from the LinkedIn platform and take the best action for conversion. 

Account targeting lets you reach several companies, and you can tailor your ads to the audience. Allocate your ad budget toward creating qualified leads.

You can choose up to 300,000 companies to target with this type of ad and create advertisements tailored to this audience. This will help you attract an audience you know will be a good fit for your services and help you effectively allocate your advertising budget toward generating qualified leads.

Steps for setting up your LinkedIn remarketing campaign

We have listed some steps that you must follow to run a remarketing ad campaign on LinkedIn.

  • Activate a LinkedIn Insight Tag to your website

To start your LinkedIn remarketing campaign, you should turn on the Insight Tag. This tag is a code embedded inside your site, and it enables the platform to collect data on your visitors. You can then easily recognize your retargeting leads.

To target a particular website domain, you should develop your targeting segment.

  • Maintain the flow of the campaign creation

After setting up the account, you should keep up the flow in the campaign creation. Reach the target segment with proper navigation. You can then click on the Matched Audiences tab and select the website audiences.

  • Select the websites to retarget segments

After adding the matched audiences to your ad campaign, you should mention the website URLs to make the retargeting setup successful. Activate your ad campaign after this step.

The audience buildup can take almost 48 hours. The delivery process will not start until the number of members reaches 300.

  • Monitor the campaign

Adjust your campaign and ensure its effectiveness. Your LinkedIn retargeting process will make your marketing effort successful. You have to identify what works best for your campaign. For instance, you can test the ad copy, image, and formats to detect one that generates success.

Other practices of LinkedIn retargeting ads

You like to get the utmost value from your LinkedIn retargeting and remarketing ads. However, you should improve your advertising content over time. The content of your advertisement should resonate with your target audience. It is also better to refresh the ads until you have detected the ones that work best. The ad copy and images will make your retargeting campaign more effective. Some marketers develop multiple ad formats based on the current status of your potential customers in the sales funnel.

So, these are some ways to run and manage the remarketing and retargeting campaigns for your business.


You can now start your LinkedIn remarketing campaign. Find your target audiences and reach your ads to them. Make the best use of LinkedIn advertising features. You can also leverage benefits from remarketing software of The cloud-based remarketing platform lets you integrate different tools to make your campaign successful.