Lead Generation Strategies that Work for Startups

If you aspire to grow your business, the first and foremost thing that you must focus on is building a successful sales system. Generating leads is certainly one of the best ways to identify and simulate your potential customers’ interests towards the products or services you are dealing in! Before we discuss lead generation strategies and how effective they are for any startup, let us quickly understand why ‘leads’ are so significant. 

Well, leads are basically nothing but potential customers who have shown some interest in your product or service. However, they might have just filled up a subscription form, visited your products or services page, or may have appreciated your goods by any chance but have not yet purchased any of them. 

What are the stages present in successful lead generation strategies?

With the help of correct lead generation strategies, marketers mostly intend to guide the potential customers towards making a decision and purchasing the goods or services they have been hesitant about so far! Also, it helps the brands attract the buyers’ interest in themselves. It makes them aware of that particular company as well. 

Following are the main stages involved in a successful lead generation strategy: 

  • Attracting traffic toward your brand through various online and offline modes.
  • Figuring out various ways to reach out to your visitors by collecting their contacts.
  • Converting the leads (potential customers) to your real customers.
  • Constantly serving your happy customers to increase your loyalty and gain more customers.

One can generate leads through various tools and sources – from phone calls to 

  • contests
  • live chats
  • influencers
  • ads
  • newsletters
  • feedback forms
  • landing pages, and more! 

Also, in today’s times, when customers have become so tech-savvy, it is even easier to reach out to them through various social media channels. They can even search for useful and relevant products or services over Google. In return, you can seek their contact information therein! 

All that matters here is ensuring you share helpful content with your visitors. Also, they won’t mind getting back to you repeatedly. If you are looking ahead to generate more leads, you will have to focus on sharing relevant and unique ideas and content to your traffic by adding some sort of value to their lives.

Popular lead generation strategies that might work for you: 

  • Using social media

This is a popular lead generation strategy, provided that you are well aware of using it correctly. Establishing a strong bonding with your connections is extremely important. Also, you can use this tool to attract your leads. 

Some popular methodologies that might work for you include promoting content where your users would need to perform certain access on your site to gain access to your content. In the process, you have your route to reach out to them! 

  • Webinars

To make a sale happen, you will have to educate your leads and ensure they are aware of your products or services. Through webinars, you can demonstrate the value of your goods to your potential customers. Also, you can make them understand why they should choose you over anything else! 

Certainly, webinars are powerful when it comes to generating leads. Also, they help in the retention of your old customers. Also, through the webinars, they will start to recognize the face behind the brand, which would help them gain trust! 

  • Posting evergreen contents

Evergreen contents are the ones that remain relevant over time. When posting something, try to put up something that plays its role even when that particular occasion gets over! This will prevent you from putting effort into the same thing over and over again. 

Once you have recorded a webinar, you can always choose to put it across different social media platforms, on Vimeo or YouTube. If you post such evergreen content, you will not have to bother about its expiry no matter what! 

  • Outbound marketing

Social media marketing and other inbound marketing techniques are useful, but outbound marketing tactics would place you one more step ahead! 

By implementing outbound tactics, you can maximize the results in every possible way. It allows you to fetch consistent growth across all targets. Thus, it helps you to diversify your lead-generating process for the better! It includes –

  • cold calls
  • outbound sales calls
  • radio ads
  • TV commercials
  • trade shows
  • promotional texts
  • Start blogging

Since every other brand uses this methodology today, this has worked well. 

However, this requires a few skills, and you cannot just think of sitting in front of your laptop and typing a few words and then start expecting to receive the best results out of nowhere! You should have some skills to make this work in your favor. 

Include calls to Action or CTAs in your pages or ads to redirect your customers. Try providing some exclusive offers, free downloading provisions, and more to attract traffic. 

Also, you can reach out to influencers who would promote your product or service and extend your reach to a broader spectrum of audiences.

Bottom line

Although the lead generation strategies mentioned above would help you generate leads, many other ways could still help you! Know that no such rule could bind a brand or an industry. All you will need to do is understand your visitors’ taste so you can make out ways and analyze tactics or techniques through which you will be able to serve them better!