The best tips for creating your Instagram story ad

Is Instagram simply for having fun with videos and images? Interestingly, several Instagram users like to see ads for their favorite brands. Most importantly, Instagram Stories have the potential to gain several ad impressions. These stories are visible at the top of daily feeds. So, when the users log in to their Instagram accounts, they can easily check their stories. The stories disappear within 24 hours. You will be able to reach a wide audience by publishing relevant brand stories. The most viewed stories on Instagram are from different businesses. However, to make your organic presence stronger, it is essential to create the best Instagram story ad.

Do not make your Instagram story ad look like an ad

Internet users do not like to check generic ads. They will skip the promotional content shown by ads. However, they like to check for posts of their friends and brands followed by them. Visuals that look like advertisements will never get clicks. That is why your ads should appear like organic posts.

So, try to promote your products subtly, and this trick will enable you to win your audience’s heart.

Create a short and concise message

Although advertisements are effective, you should focus on user experience. When similar ads come in front of users, they feel bored. The sponsored label displayed on the ads causes the viewer to swipe the screen to the right and leave the page. It is not easy to hold the viewer’s attention. So, writing long content is not helpful. A short copy is better than a chunky one. 

Try some unpolished ads

Highly authentic ads are always preferable to users. So, there is no need to post overly produced ads. Today, video content has become a major attraction to an audience of different types. Almost every viewer prefers real and unfiltered content. Some brands try to rely on user-generated content. But, it results in the generation of bad ads.

You have to be careful while choosing Instagram fonts and make your ads appear like an interesting story.

Create no complicated design

Minimalism is important while creating Instagram ads. That is why you can create an easily understandable 6-second advertisement. The major purpose of the advertisement is not to trigger sales. But, the target is to direct the audience to the landing page to increase sales in the future.

Your story ad needs to have only a few basic details. A short description, a CTA, a headline, and some branding elements will be enough. The presence of a lot of details will make the space crowded.

Your video-based story ads should not be longer than 15 seconds. However, you have to make the content shorter. You may also add subtitles to your advertisements and help your potential customers find the videos easily. 

Some Instagram users keep the autoplay deactivated while using their mobile data. However, your video thumbnail will be visible to them.

Insert audio elements into your Instagram ads

Although the video is good, you can add music to the story ads. It is the best way to nurture the auditory senses. Your ads will be more memorable when the music is turned on. The ads displayed with pleasing background music will result in emotional arousal. You can trigger the purchase intention of the audience. However, not every piece of music suits your ads. So, you have to be careful while choosing the music.

It is better to choose a branded song with good voice overs and sound effects.

Take advantage of the mobile-friendly funnel

Your Instagram advertisements are visible only to the app users. Thus, you have to ensure that your funnel is compatible with mobile devices. Make your ads mobile-friendly and focus on the checkout page and landing page. Your ads have to appear attractive on mobile devices.

Place the text strategically

Although CTA is important, your advertisement copy needs a few adjustments. The viewer’s attention should not go to the sponsored label. Thus, your text must not be close to it. It is better to make a central alignment of the text.

There should be a proper hierarchy in the visual design. You can try out different colors, sizes, contrasts, alignments, and whitespace. The whitespace never causes distraction. It directs the viewer’s attention to the most important elements of the advertisements.

Choose the carousel format for your Instagram Stories

It is a special format helping you to get into the world of storytelling. You can also choose this strategy to get the best result. For instance, you can create a 3-card carousel, which has the potential to provide better results. 

Insert brand logo into your Instagram Stories ad

You should post your story advertisements with your logo to reach new audiences and develop brand awareness. Your story ads are viewable not only to your Instagram followers but also to the target audiences using the platform. Thus, several Instagram users who are not familiar with your brand will see your ads.

Without your brand logo, you may not get any value from your advertisements. So, never overlook this factor while creating the ads.

Test your ad copy

Creating a perfect advertisement on your first attempt is not easy. So, you need to design multiple ad versions. For instance, create 5 to 6 images and videos. Set your budget for a week and do a split test for those ads. Track KPIs to measure your ad performance. Calculate the cost per acquisition, impressions, clicks, and returns on ad spend. However, these metrics are not always related to the number of sales.


Creating an Instagram story ad is good for connecting with the target audience. You can also create retargeting ads for your potential customers. Both story ads and in-feed ads are effective in gaining the desired outcome. You can use the automated software to automate the campaign. is the best destination where you will find automated solutions like Capture.