A Guide To Tracking Instagram Analytics

Instagram is one of the most popular and powerful social networking platforms for several brands. You can also run an influencer marketing campaign on Instagram. It is the best way to grow your business and connect with your customers. Everything can be done on this social media platform, from videos to shoppable posts. However, is your Instagram marketing effective? How will you know that your campaign works properly on this platform? Let us provide you with a guide to tracking Instagram Analytics. You can make the best use of the platform by creating attractive content.

Steps for setting up Instagram Analytics

You have to create a Creator or Business Account to check analytics. A Personal Account is easily convertible into a Business Account. Click on your profile photo, select Settings, and then click on Account. You have to hit the option- Switch to Professional Account.

It lets you check account insights-

  • Visit your profile.
  • Click on Insights Action
  • At the top right corner, there is a Menu option.
  • Choose metrics from the Overview option.

Metrics that can be tracked using Instagram Analytics

You should focus on metrics to monitor your Instagram account and analyze content. Also, you must consider those metrics, which are highly important to your business. You can view insights by date and adjust them according to the data you need. Go to the Overview menu to find the following.

Total number of followers

You will know how many people have followed you. You will be able to track the lost and gained followers. Active Times is another section to let you check the times when most followers are active.

Accounts reached

You will get numerical data of unique Instagram accounts that have visited your account to view content. Moreover, you will find demographic details (gender, countries, and age groups) of the accounts reached.

Accounts engaged

It reveals how many new users have viewed or interacted with your Instagram content. You will have a clear breakdown of analytical data.

Content interactions

You can check people’s activities, such as Comments, Shares, Likes, and Saves. 


It presents you with detailed information on whether you need to pay for the post (a part of your paid advertisements).


It is another insight to display how many times the Play button has been clicked on your video.

Guide to tracking Instagram analytics

Data is vital to every business. However, what you need most for your marketing campaign are comprehensive data insights. You can drive growth and performance on Instagram. Let us check the metrics that can be tracked on Instagram.

Growth of follower base

It is an important insight, as you will learn about your follower count. You can also determine whether the followers are highly interested in your content. It will be easy to understand what attracted new Instagram followers.

Demographic details of your target audience

What can you see while looking at the follower base? Using Instagram Analytics, you will be able to know about their gender, age, and location. Does your content match the buyer’s persona? Have you noticed the emergence of a new type of audience? It lets you publish the right type of content at the right time. For instance, your target audience on Instagram is from Canada. So, you have to consider the times when users from Canada are most active.

Engagement level

How many of your followers are engaged? Reach of your business is one of the significant insights. It will enable you to analyze your posts and account performance. You can identify the benchmark to drive growth. You should also consider the number of comments and likes to identify the engagement rate.

Shoppable posts

Today, there is a trend of shopping on Instagram. So, look for data insights related to shoppable posts. You can also check the number of Likes, Comments, and Reach. It will be easy to understand the best-performing CTA. Moreover, you should ensure that your products are reachable to your potential customers.

Feed and Stories

By tapping on Instagram posts, you will get valuable data. You can find discovery, impressions, and interactions. Based on these insights, you can modify your Instagram content marketing strategy.

This comprehensive guide to tracking Instagram Analytics would be highly helpful to you. You can drive more leads, engagement, and brand awareness based on analytical data. Several marketers have integrated analytical tools into the automated marketing software from Movology. You can also choose Movology’s products to automate your marketing campaign.