Google Customer Match- A comprehensive guide to PPC marketers

Have you leveraged the benefits of Google Ads to run a solid, goal-focused campaign? Proper use of this advertising platform will enable you to earn a high amount. But, while dealing with Google Ads, you might have come across the term ‘Google Customer Match’. There are some special Google advertising tools to help you in reaching your ad goal. Marketers use Customer Match as one of the PPC remarketing strategies to advertise businesses to their customers and leads. 

Google Ads- An overview of Google Customer Match

Google Ads specialists have already become familiar with Customer Match. It enables users to enter offline and online data to match customers through different platforms like Display Ads, YouTube, Search, and Shopping tabs.

Customer Match not only targets particular customers (whose details are already collected) but also focuses on others. This unique feature makes your ads accessible to a broad audience.

In fact, Customer Match presents you with highly valuable data, as customers are the source of this data. After uploading the first-party data, it is matched properly against Google users. It ensures that you have targeted the right people. Data segmentation can become easy, and you can create different audiences for Customer Match.

Several businesses have found a better reach due to the use of Customer Match. You may have already gathered data from clients. So, it is the right time to use this innovative feature of Google Ads.  

What are the major requirements for Customer Match?

It is easy to start using Google Customer Match, as minimal requirements exist. 

  • Good payment history
  • You should ensure that you have been compliant with Ads policies.
  • Invested at least 50,000 USD dollars in the account 
  • The minimum account usage time is 90 days

For businesses that use a different currency (and not USD), their spending needs to be converted according to the average monthly conversion.

By fulfilling these criteria, you can use Customer Match. It is also essential to check the company policy set by Google because your account should follow it. Violation of the policy will prevent you from using the feature. Google will start a compliance review of your account. You will also receive a notification from the account manager. You must take corrective action to prevent the suspension of your account. 

Google Customer Match- What are the benefits of using it?

You have thought of using the feature to establish a reconnection with your past customers using your first-party information. Your marketing department will gain several advantages from using it.

Easy to develop a deep connection

Your potential customers will never miss you when you offer targeted ads and personalization. It makes your relationship with customers deeper. Hyper-targeting your offers will help in attracting your customers. 

Scale up your audience targeting strategy

With the proper use of customer data, you can build your target audience. It includes those whose profiles have matched. You can then think of scaling up your marketing activities.

Messages are conveyed directly to the audience

Using the Customer Match feature, advertisers can find an opportunity to place advertisements in Gmail accounts’ mailboxes of customers. However, make sure that these customers have not been unsubscribed. The ads will reach your audience, and there is no chance of finding your message in the spam folder. 

Better targeting and smart bidding

After creating a list for Customer Match, you can use it for audience targeting and smart bidding. It is also useful for refining your campaign performance and increasing your ROI.

Move your potential customers to the sales funnel

It is about moving potential customers forward to convert them into loyal customers. Customer Match helps upload email lists that cover multiple segments for the buying cycles. You will be able to create special adverts for the target consumers and learn about their interests. Suppose you have thought of creating an audience of those who have downloaded your whitepapers. Display your ads to them for promotional purposes.

Convert low-funnel and mid-funnel potential customers

It is another advantage available with Customer Match. These prospects have a stronger intention, although converting them is difficult. You can encourage them to attend your webinar, subscribe to a trial offer, and chat with your representatives. Still, it is challenging to convince them to make a deal. Google Ads Customer Match can be the most effective tool to alleviate their decision fatigue. 

Target users across multiple devices

Strategies for Customer Match are slightly different remarketing tactics. You can target customers on different devices like laptops, tabs, and mobiles. When limitations of remarketing cause the loss of users, you can use Customer Match. 

Still, you can use remarketing solutions like Capture. It is a robust software, which lets you integrate a range of tools. You can integrate Google Ads and take advantage of Customer Match.

More tips for using Customer match

We have shared some tips for marketers who like to use Customer Match.

  • Target your current customer base for a higher conversion rate

Your current customers are more easily convertible. There is no more than a 5% chance of making a sale to new customers. On the contrary, you have over a 60% chance of persuading your loyal customers to make a repeated purchase. Clear targeting of these customers with better ads can be done with the tool.

  • Attract inactive customers by offering discounts

Using the Customer Match tool, you can easily identify past customers who are presently inactive. This information will enable you to develop a personalized strategy and reach those customers directly.

  • Craft a customized ad copy

A generic ad will never draw the attention of the target audience. That is why it is important to have detailed information about customers. You can then create your ads for the hyper-targeted groups and find an unparalleled performance.

This comprehensive guide will help you in making the best use of the Customer Match feature. Learn other techniques of using the Google Ads platform and gain more value from it.