Marketing Automation Tools To Generate Brand Awareness On LinkedIn

In the past few years, you can find the emergence of several social media platforms. While some of them have gained popularity, others have not drawn attention. However, LinkedIn has become a go-to networking platform for business-related purposes. There are over 800 million LinkedIn users with active personal/business accounts on the platform. So, how will you generate brand awareness on LinkedIn?

Maintaining your presence on the platform needs regular posting. If you are busy managing other high-value business activities, you might have overlooked the task of posting on LinkedIn. So, the best solution for this problem is to automate your workflow.

A concept of LinkedIn marketing automation

LinkedIn marketing automation involves using an application to streamline your marketing activities on the platform. The best program relies on AI technology and lets you target the right audience. You can also optimize your outreach with this technology. Moreover, you can generate more leads and develop brand awareness. 

What’s more, you can send tailored messages to your LinkedIn profile’s active users or followers. Some automated programs can be integrated with your business website for better results. You can also deliver messages to your Twitter and Instagram followers.

Who should use LinkedIn automation?

You can use an automated solution if you have a personal LinkedIn profile. Thus, automated tools are not intended for business pages. However, from salespersons to job recruiters, almost everyone can use the tools for LinkedIn marketing. 

Guide to using marketing automation to generate brand awareness on LinkedIn

To effectively use LinkedIn marketing automation tools, you must learn about their functionalities. With automated content development and distribution tools, you can create highly targeted and quality content. It makes valuable content accessible to users. After setting up the automation tool, you may use it to boost your business. You can easily send relevant messages to the target audience. For instance, you must reveal your business details while posting job vacancies on LinkedIn. This can be done with an automated job posting tool, which delivers the right message to the audience. The best tools let you know the number of users who clicked on the job-related ads. Scheduling the post also becomes easy with automated software. 

Post your content across different social channels

To run your business successfully, you should not stick only to one social networking platform. Your brand should dominate multiple platforms. However, it is time-consuming to post across different platforms manually. This is where you can find the need for automation.

You can share content with the best-automated software with a few clicks. You can also use the content without copying/pasting across various apps.

Share new blog posts instantly

You can make a new view or blog go live with a few clicks. You can share quality content with the target audience on LinkedIn. However, sharing your new blog content at the right time is essential to gain more attention. With automation tools, you cannot forget the task of posting blogs. So, create quality content and win responses from your target audience. 

Focus on RSS feed for sharing content

RSS feeds give you the best opportunity to have new content in a single place. Moreover, you will find it easy to share the content automatically on LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn followers will stay up-to-date and engaged for a longer period. 

Promote webinars and events easily

Have you decided on hosting a webinar or any other type of event? Your main goal is to increase the number of signups for your webinars. 

Promoting an event is one of the most important tasks. You can set your automated software to send event updates at the right time. 

How does LinkedIn marketing automation benefit you?

  • Ensure better SEO results
  • Add relevant and valuable content to your LinkedIn page/profile
  • Find more visitors to your business website. 
  • Boost your LinkedIn business profile
  • Have higher visibility on the social networking platform.
  • make your connections stronger
  • Find more qualified leads
  • Increase your sales as you will attract more potential customers.  
  • Boost your web presence and make yourself reachable to the target audience. 

So, you can now take the right steps to generate brand awareness on LinkedIn. Use LinkedIn marketing automation tools for this purpose. While talking about automation tools, it is worth noting that Movology’s products have gained popularity. Its patented remarketing software can be used on any social media platform.