MOVOLOGY | Email subject line for re-engagement: A Guide

Guide To Creating The Email Subject Line For Re-Engagement

Have you lost a number of email subscribers? However, you like to re-engage with your leads with your cold emailing technique. But what should be the subject line of your emails? The email for re-engagement gives you a chance to gain an impression. Your potential customers will not open your email until they have found an attractive subject line. That is why we have provided you with a guide on how to create a good email subject line for re-engagement. The right approach can spark the interest and curiosity of the buyers in your promotional email.  

Why should you send re-engagement emails?

You refresh your email contact list regularly to remove subscribers. However, it is also good to re-engage them first before removing these subscribers from the list. Your win-back emails will stimulate these subscribers to read your email content and know about your business. Marketers have found that several inactive subscribers have read the message conveyed with the re-engagement email.

But, you have to craft the best subject line to get the optimal value from your campaign.

Writing an email subject line for re-engagement- A brief guide

We have discussed a number of ways in which you can re-engage your leads via email.

Ask an interesting question

While some email subjects are particular, others are vague. For instance, an email subject line that requests readers to work together will encourage them to open the email. The recipient will naturally become curious about the question. Thus, you can trigger a sense of curiosity with this question. 

You may have thought of sending emails to a segmented audience. As you know about the buyer persona, you will be able to become highly personal. Your cold sales emailing campaign will be successful with this approach. You have to write a unique subject, which attracts your target audience.

Personalized emails have shown better performance. According to some surveys, text-based email content with a highly strong message can be more effective than beautiful HTML emails. It will appear like a one-to-one conversation.

Direct your readers to the future

It is one of the best tactics to rebuild your connection with lost leads. Thus, what type of subject lines should you write for your email? You can write-

  • Our Future Steps
  • We Will Move Forward.

It will remind your email subscriber to think of how to proceed further and work together. Several follow-up emails will be effective in converting your subscribers into customers. Your potential customers may have a busy lifestyle, and that is why you should give them a chance to reconnect with your business. 

Talk about a benefit

How will the readers feel when they learn about your product benefit? You will surely have a positive response from them. For instance, you can write-

  • Save time with our product
  • Earn more profit with us

The subject line should be created to let readers understand how you solve their problems.

A request for a good advice

Let your email subscribers feel that you need them. Thus, you must ask for advice while writing the cold email 

subject line. You can easily encourage readers to open the email to send a response. A single question with a few words can boost email open rates. You will find an opportunity to re-engage leads

To ensure that you have asked for a piece of relevant advice, you can send a message to the segmented list. Some email recipients are interested in sharing their knowledge and views. They can present themselves as a thought leader. 

But, there is one demerit of this strategy. You should ask the right question to the right person. You must not overuse the tactic to maintain the result. 

Generate a sense of urgency

No one likes to lose valuable things in his life. You can raise the fear of losing a good opportunity. In this case, your email subject line for re-engagement must contain words like-

  • The deal ends tomorrow.
  • The last chance
  • A few tickets are left to be sold.

Although it is an old marketing tactic, you can implement it. You can mention how your services and products are available at the lowest price for a limited period. 

Ask for time politely

Ask your recipient to give you some minutes to respond to your email. For instance, your subject line should be like this-

Can I get 5 minutes of your precious time? 

It is a highly intriguing and non-invasive way to engage the recipients in your email content. Your potential customers will feel that your email has some valuable information. 

You can also request the reader to attend a short webinar on your brand.

Congratulate the reader

The email recipient will show a positive response when they find that you follow him. It makes him feel good when you appreciate his accomplishments. A few genuine words to congratulate the reader will work best.

This approach works especially for B2B companies. For instance, you can write something like-

Your latest video post is fantastic.

You can personalize the message by including the company name.

The final trick is to show some empathy. Your email subscribers can become inactive for multiple reasons. They may have personal issues, and they no longer need your email. Interestingly, more than 50% of consumers feel that there is no human element while availing of customer assistance. That is why you need to show empathy in your email re-engagement content

Final thought

Have you learned how to write an email subject line for re-engagement? You can try out different approaches to identify the most effective one. Although email is a way to re-target your leads, there are other options for you. You can start a remarketing campaign and automate it. To make this automation successful, you can use the products of Movology. The patented software products will make your marketing activities easier.