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The term ‘segmented communication’ is common in the corporate world. But there is nothing to be confused about. Have a close look at your personal life. You will indeed find this concept applicable. For instance, when you think of hosting a party, you make in-person communication with close friends, choose email to invite colleagues, and make phone calls to older relatives. You can also make this segmentation while interacting with potential customers. Let us now provide you with a comprehensive customer segmentation guide. But how will you apply a customer segmentation strategy for your marketing campaign?

Market segmentation also referred to as customer segmentation, is a way to group customers into the target audience. It is advantageous for customizing marketing messages. Moreover, successful segmentation enables you to analyze your app’s and website’s high-value users. So, you can now start creating groups for potential customers according to similar characteristics.

Why is it important to segment customers?

Every audience segment has diverse communication needs. That is why you should identify the unique needs, preferences, traits, demographics, and values of the target market segment. You will learn about the factors motivating the audience to make a deal. Customer segmentation benefits you in a range of ways. Follow our customer segmentation guide carefully.

  • Avoid guesswork– You can scale your app successfully. However, it should not be done based on your guesses and assumptions. You will be able to nurture high-value users efficiently.
  • Increase your ROI– As you treat your target audience appropriately, you can use our advertising budget best. Moreover, you can use the channels that previously brought users to your website. 
  • Maintain relevance- You may have started a brand awareness campaign that has a wide reach. But, it is essential to maintain the relevance of the message. Gain more insights into the target users and apply the best user acquisition strategy.
  • Better customer service- You will be able to provide high-quality services to customers. Your representatives will learn more about the background details of every customer. That is why they will be efficient at interacting with customers in a better way. They can respond to those customers proactively.
  • Product refinements- Learn the challenges faced by every group of customers. It will be easy for you to optimize your offerings that solve those issues. Your development team can look at products from customer perspectives. You will be able to identify the product features that need modification for a better outcome. It is the best way you can differentiate your organization from your competitors.

Customer segmentation involving different levels

  • Manual segmentation– Maintaining responsibility with potential and regular clients is a responsibility of relationship managers. This relationship can provide them with a clear insight into the segment.
  • Rule-based segmentation– In the case of B2B marketing, priority segments may be business leaders and organizations. So, you can implement rules that automatically segment customers according to the type of their relationship with the business. You can also strategically deal with your target audiences and reach your products to them at the best time.
  • ML-AI-based learning– Implementing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can make your segmentation more effective and successful. Based on the previous actions of customers, you will be able to classify them.

Factors important for customer segmentation

Customer segmentation can be done based on different factors-

  • Customer journey– You can group customers according to their current position in the journey. It can range from awareness to the decision stage.
  • Psychological traits– Motivation, priorities, values, beliefs, attitude, and personality are some psychological attributes that enable you to group customers.
  • Preference for technology– Customers can be categorized according to their interests and preference for technology. For instance, while some of them prefer desktops, others use mobiles for communications. 
  • Location– Based on your customers’ geographic details, you can make a segmentation.
  • Demographics– Income, gender, identity, age, and other similar information will enable you to customize your audience. 
  • Needs– You can group your customers according to their service and product needs.

Decide on how to define the high-value users

Have you targeted the right users for your app? What type of audience likes your app? Based on your business strategy, you may have high-value categories of different categories. So, you should detect the most profitable segment.

Analyze the type of channel from where you can acquire users

Another important step is to find the best user acquisition channel. It will be easier for you to look for high-value users who use a particular channel. You can then focus on that channel to run your marketing program. 

Find consistency in the user base

Maintaining a consistent pattern is essential for customer segmentation. For instance, you could find that customers who make bigger deals are males. You can also check their age groups. 

Learn how users interact with your app

In some cases, the target users prefer using the app during a particular time of the day. What is their average app usage session? What is the frequency of using the app? Which app features are more attractive to app users?

Have a better insight from analyzing data

Based on the data you have obtained, you can draw a conclusion about a particular group’s needs, behaviors, and interests.

Evaluate your segments

You might have already learned about different patterns and trends to create segments. However, there is no need to tailor the campaign for all segments. Hyper-personalization is important for concentrated customer segments. You can make your relationship stronger. 


The comprehensive customer segmentation guide will make creating different customer groups easy. Send the right message to target users. Your marketing process will also be more effective. Customer segmentation is a step for every marketing and remarketing campaign. You can take your campaign to a different level by using the automated products of

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