Everything You Should Know About A CPL Campaign

CPL, or cost-per-lead, is one of the pricing models in the world of digital marketing. As an advertiser, you have to pay for every lead generated through the campaign. In the eCommerce industry, businesses that sell high-value products and subscription services often focus on the cost-per-lead. Let us talk more about the CPL campaign.

Why should you give importance to the CPL?

If you are trying the cost-effectiveness of your pay-per-click campaign, you cannot avoid overlooking CPL. In most cases, brand marketers and direct response marketers implement the CPL pricing strategy. They build a newsletter list, rewards program, and customer acquisition program.

Several companies run their CPL campaign to get in touch with customers interested in their products, services, or brands. They can become high-value customers and make a deal with your repeatedly.

You should also focus on CPL while running your branding campaign.

CPL tells you the cost of the leads. You will be able to make the right anticipations and get the best value from the campaign. If the CPL is rising steadily, it indicates the loss of effectiveness of the campaign. When its cost is higher than the worth of the leads, you should take the right step.

Is there any relationship between your investment and CPL?

Most companies take a very simple approach to cost-per-lead. They set the desired CPL, and after reaching the target, they put a significant amount into the campaign. They think that by investing more, they will get more leads. It is believed that CPL will be the same at that time. Many companies expect a low CPL while investing more money. However, in reality, it will increase rather than decrease.

What should you do for your CPL campaign?

We have briefly discussed the process for this campaign.

Develop a gated asset

This asset refers to the high-value content created and published behind a barrier of access. Users should provide their emails and names before downloading content. Make sure that the content is unique and gives value to readers. For instance, it may be an e-book with comprehensive instructions. It can be a tool to help users solve questions.

A past conference presentation or webinar can also be chosen as the gated content.

A research report or whitepaper with data about your industry is another example of gated content.

Distribute your gated assets

After creating and hosting the gated content on your website landing page, you can distribute the link through a network. 

CPL campaign is highly beneficial, as it involves omnichannel marketing. The content will be visible on different websites and channels, including social media, mobile apps, RSS feeds, and email newsletters. Apply targeting qualifiers for this purpose. For instance, while using a financial service platform, it can be filtered to a finance-related publication.

Attract leads and take the right steps

You will have a list of qualified leads which fulfill the personal criteria. After identifying qualified marketing leads, you have to nurture them and help them make the right decision. 

Place those leads into the email nurturing channels. Provide them with some valuable content that is not sales-driven. It will help you strengthen your brand as a reliable source of information. 

However, it would be best if you stuck to the rules for marketing automation. When there is an interaction between content and leads, you can pass them on to your sales department. They are now sales-qualified leads, and you can set up a meeting with them.

In the final step, you must develop fresh content for next-generation campaigns. Your sales professionals must ask them a few questions and interact with those leads to learn about their pain points. Based on interactions, you can develop blog posts and emails.


We have provided you with a guide to running a CPL campaign. You can scale your campaign by adding a little extra budget. However, with the right approach, you do not need to pay more for every lead. You can keep the CPL low with proper audience targeting and ad creativity. You need to target those who are aware of the problem and solution. To generate leads and manage them automatically, you can use the automated software of Movology. The patented software with an intuitive interface will help you integrate a number of tools for better marketing outcomes.