How To Compete With Facebook Advertisers- Find The Best Tips

Have you thought of running Facebook ads? However, several other brands in your niche have invested in Facebook advertisements to reach the target audience. Sometimes, although you have spent a considerable amount, you cannot achieve your goal. So, how would you compete with Facebook advertisers in the same industry? Let us provide you with a brief guide.

Compete with Facebook advertisers: Best tips

Focus on the fundamentals

A Facebook PPC ad expert knows the importance of the basics of the advertising campaign. To create your social media account, it is essential to understand the target audience thoroughly.

Learn the way to design the best Facebook ad

If you are familiar with Google Ads, you can easily deal with Facebook’s auctions. Advertisers who are efficient in creating quality ads get rewarded. It means they can control the ad cost without affecting the ad positions. There are 3 significant metrics which replaced Relevance Score in 2019-

  • Quality ranking- Ad relevance diagnostics
  • Ranking according to the engagement rate
  • Ranking based on conversion rates.

You may have an above-average, below-average, and average ranking. So, how will you achieve the highest ranking?

  • Do not use sensationalized language for your ads.
  • Your advertisements should be eye-catching and engaging
  • Use a clear and comprehensible CTA for optimizing landing page conversion.

Develop a Facebook advertising funnel

As it is a paid advertising campaign, you like to promote only those offers that bring significant profit. However, in some cases, an unprofitable offer gives value to the target audience.

Try to make an on-platform engagement

Displaying your advertisements to your previous website visitors is a way to run the Facebook retargeting program. For instance, you could retarget those who have subscribed to your email newsletters, viewed a particular product page, or filled out your contact form. However, some iOS users can avoid tracking their activities. The best way to solve this problem is to retarget website visitors depending on how they have interacted with your Facebook Page. It lets you target the right audience, as you can analyze the first-party data on Facebook.

Another way to make successful retargeting is to use the automated software of Movology. Movology has designed innovative software which makes your retargeting and remarketing campaign easier.

Look at those who are targeted by your competitors

The Meta Ad Library lets you view your strongest competitors’ ads. However, the smartest trick is to see whether you will be able to make your ads visible in the vast social networking world. You can click the Follow button on your competitors’ pages and visit their web pages. You may also check the advertisements in your feeds by clicking on the 3 dots in the right corner.

Although it is everything about the Facebook ad campaign, you can also research the ads published by your competitors on other social platforms. For instance, you should look at your competitors’ LinkedIn Ads and organic content. You will learn more about their content types, customers’ pain paints, and their preferences.

Leverage benefits from in-market segments

It is one of the best tips for PPC advertisers. Facebook has restricted and removed some targeting categories to maintain privacy. Running a search campaign can be the best decision. 

This targeting lets you reach the desired types of users. You will also be able to attract qualified traffic to your website. Create a list and upload it to Facebook for a retargeting campaign. 

Run a strategic interest-targeting process

It is easy to bid on Google Ads competitor terms. But, you may find it too challenging to boost the Quality Score for your Facebook ads. 

  • As a Facebook advertiser, you may target interests (users interested in your competitors’ offers.
  • You should not directly go after the followers of your competitor’s pages. You have to target the relevant pages of Facebook influencers.
  • Relevant Facebook pages– Find those pages by typing related keywords.

If there are small audience sizes, you can combine them. On the contrary, for large audiences, you have to test them against each other. You will find one that involves low cost and gives the best result.


You can now run your social media campaign and compete with Facebook advertisers. It is essential to be highly strategic while targeting your Facebook audience. Besides, you can identify in-market segments to make your ad campaign more effective.