Google reviews published by several internet users can easily win the trust of potential customers. Consumers think that these are genuine reviews posted by actual buyers. So, many companies have tried to develop a strategy to convince customers to leave their thoughts on Google. But how will you collect and use more customer reviews for a marketing campaign? Let us provide you with a brief guide on gathering more reviews. You will also learn the tricks to manage reviews. 

Why should you collect more customer reviews?

Before diving into the possible way to garner Google reviews, we must discuss their significance. More than 90% of customers check online reviews before making their final purchase decisions. That is why positive reviews can build a strong foundation for your business reputation.  

With more Google reviews from your customers, you can increase the CTR of your site. Many marketers believe that these testimonials are one of the ranking factors in SEO. The effects of these reviews are more prominent in the local search. You should also focus on the review diversity, the number of reviews, and review velocity. Although there are other review platforms, Google has gained the utmost importance as a review channel.

Better customer service means more positive reviews

Even though you provide the best quality products/services, some consumers may like to shop elsewhere. Why? The potential reason behind it is the bad customer service standard.

Customer service can make a difference in the overall customer experience. 

It is the main reason the eCommerce giant Amazon has gained high popularity. The company has taken responsibility for damaged goods, shipping delays, and other issues. Not every eCommerce platform is like Amazon. This is how you can also differentiate your company from other organizations.

Incentive the process of collecting reviews

Rewards can be a motivator for your team of customer representatives. There are various criteria to be incentivized. Some customers mention the name of customer service representatives. Potential customers will check the testimonials and learn about the responsible attitude of your representatives.

Respond to customer reviews

Some marketers make the mistake of dismissing the negative reviews and embracing the good ones only. But, it is vital to respond to both positive and negative reviews. Your response shows how you value your customer feedback.

In case of bad reviews, you should empathize with the customer’s situation and be courteous while giving answers. You may also contact the customer offline to solve his problem. Moreover, focusing on the language used while responding to customers’ reviews is essential.

Improve remarketing and retargeting campaigns with ratings and reviews

You might have posted paid ads to run a retargeting campaign and re-engage many potential customers. A successful campaign helps you return visitors who have left your site without a purchase. Regardless of the platform you use for a retargeting campaign, there are some ways to improve performance.

Adding ratings and customer reviews to your ad creative is the best trick. For instance, you can quote a review of a particular customer. You may also use ratings in the ad creative. Besides, you should show off the number of customers who have given high ratings to your products/services.

What’s more, you do not need any special design skills to highlight reviews in your creative pad. There are some tools to do it quickly.

During retargeting, your ads are placed in front of those who already have a relationship with your company. So, the testimonials are simply social proof to be added to the retargeting and creating. These reviews can also be a deciding factor and help you nudge potential customers to buy your products/services.

Whether you need to run a dynamic remarketing campaign or draft a monthly newsletter, you must highlight customer reviews. It persuades your customers to click on the ads and enter your landing page for conversion. Of course, you must use other applications for your remarketing campaign. For instance, is a reliable platform where you can find remarketing software. It also helps you integrate different third-party tools for your retargeting program.

Do you like to collect more customer reviews for your business? You can apply the best strategy to run marketing with reviews and testimonials. Turn your customers into your brand advocates.