Automated marketing solutions for different challenges of digital marketers

Automation is one of the latest trends in the world of marketing. However, it can go beyond your typical anticipations. Some think automation helps reduce marketers’ workloads by automating tedious and repetitive tasks. But, this innovation’s real value lies in how the automated software increases your business revenues. Successfully implemented software can increase the number of leads and conversions. The major reason behind using automated marketing solutions is to overcome several challenges. So, let us talk about the challenges faced by digital marketers. You will learn how automation is effective in removing those issues.

Automated marketing solution for digital marketers

Problems in calculating revenues

Almost every digital marketer thinks it is essential to understand the real effect of the marketing campaign on business growth. Marketers like to justify every investment. 

You can decide how and where you would invest an amount to achieve the desired goals. However, you should ask yourself several questions.

  • How will you align your budget with your goals?
  • Which marketing platform is best for converting leads?
  • Which campaign is fetching more ROI?
  • Where would you invest to ensure better marketing?

It is challenging to derive data manually. However, while using the automated solution, you need to make inputs like channel, target, time, and budget. You can observe how automation measures every metric, which measures your revenues. By obtaining the statistical data, you can strategize the decision-making process. You will be able to deliver high outcomes. 

Avoid silos in the sales and marketing world

The purpose of marketing and sales departments is to convert every lead into customers. But, the action performed by every team is different. Data available to every department is unique.

But what will happen in case of data variation?

Suppose a lead that has bought the premium package is regularly receiving emails on free trials. Again, a customer who recently unsubscribed from your email newsletters has received email feedback from your representative. So, a lack of knowledge can result in a communication gap. You must ensure consistent communication between your marketers and sales team. There will be a negative user experience due to this problem.

You can bridge the gap by connecting marketing automation systems and CRM platforms. There should be bi-directional interactions between teams. It also ensures proper synchronization between salespersons and marketers. Every team gets accurate information about the target audience. Your professionals will be able to run marketing campaigns together.

No real-time interactions

Without automated software, there is no chance of real-time interactions. However, marketers need to deliver many messages to their target audience daily. 

Imagine you send generic emails related to your business. Again, you have delivered a personalized email to discuss the latest product releases.

So, which approach will win the attention of the target audience? According to researchers, personalized emails receive higher attention. The transaction rate is also higher when compared to generic emails.

With a comprehensive mobile app and website analytics, you will learn about the number of page views, survey responses, and demography. Marketing automation has made it easy to provide a real-time interactive solution to your audience. Moreover, the target audience will receive automated and tailored content.  

Low-quality leads 

Another problem you will encounter is when the automated marketing software is not installed. Quality is critical in leads. Bad-quality leads can become junk.

Due to these bad leads, there is a risk of connecting with the wrong audience, who has no interest in your products and services. It happens when you apply conventional lead-generation tactics like mass advertising, cold calling, and email blasts. 

Thus, generating a high-quality lead and directing it to the sales department for conversion is a big challenge. However, automated marketing software ensures that you have captured the right leads for your business. These leads have voluntarily registered with your services and products. They have submitted their personal details while using automated registration forms, social media campaigns, pop-ups, and event signups. 

When some internet users subscribe to your newsletters and channels using a form, it indicates their interests. You can also move them through the conversion funnel. After classifying the leads as hot, warm, and cold, you can pass them on to your sales professionals.

Inconsistent brand presence

In the world of marketing, it is not enough to rely on radio ads, magazine ads, and TV ads. You have a presence on the web to achieve optimum results. Thus, you need to rely on marketing automation to leverage the benefits of the best digital marketing strategy.

Regardless of the type of content you create for PPC or blogs, marketing automation provides you with a centralized platform. You can also schedule the content posting activities using the automated platform. The in-depth reports on your marketing activities can also be analyzed easily. 

Lack of compelling content

Attractive content should be a part of the marketing strategy. Automation helps you bring data about your customers. Based on this data, you can easily craft good content. So, the absence of automation can result in content development issues. You can compose the best blogs and send targeted emails with the data at your disposal. Irrelevant content makes your blogs and emails useless. These blogs will not rank high in the search results.


It can be concluded that an automated marketing solution is effective in removing several challenges. The marketing automation platform is beneficial to both B2B and B2C businesses. You can choose Movology’s products to make your automation process successful. The manual tasks can be automated with advanced marketing software. You can also run a remarketing campaign using the software.

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