Yes, You read that correctly!

We are comparing Blogging & SEO with Romeo & Juliet. In the world of digital marketing, you shouldn’t ever underestimate the power of blogging and why it is crazy important for your online business.

Blogging can help you build trust, establish thought leadership, as well as increase your credibility.  Blogging can definitely help you build an emotional connection with your audience.  Most importantly one of the main reasons why blogging is crazy important for your brand and business is because it also helps boost SEO results.

It’s a fact that the more SEO-friendly your blog posts are, the higher you will be able to rank on search engines.  This is the reason that most of the popular businesses publish blog posts on their website on a consistent basis, even multiple times a week.


BUT, wait, there’s more!


Fresh Content On Your Website . Did you know that search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing prefer to give higher ranking to websites that are regularly updated and looking for new content all the time?


That’s because they are convinced that the websites are fresh and relevant and not just outdated.

Search engines will hate nothing more than listing outdated and irrelevant websites.

They want to ensure that their users have the top-notch experience and are provided with fresh and updated content on a regular basis.

And if you post SEO-friendly blogs on a consistent basis, search engines will definitely prefer listing you over the outdated and irrelevant websites.

SEO Keywords

The more blog posts you publish, the higher number of pages search engine will have to index on your website.  There are a ton of keywords that you can use to make your blog posts SEO-friendly. 


Did you know you can also improve your ranking on the search engine results for a variety of keywords?   Just keep posting more blog posts on a consistent basis.  It’s important to carry out research for the most common keywords used by your potential audience.  After you have the list of all the keywords, you can optimize different blog posts for different keywords to improve your ranking on the search engine results.



Blogging allows you to include the links to other popular websites, as well as your own. For example, multichannel marketing is another important facet to your marketing plan.

And if other websites find your content to be really useful, they will love linking back to your site, thereby helping you generate more traffic to your website.

It’s essential for you to build a relationship with high-quality and reputable websites that belong to your niche while backlinking, otherwise, the search engine will simply penalize your website, so be cautious at every step of the way.



Nobody simply prefers to read all-text, since we were kids we all love pictures to break up the words.  So ‘adulting’ and marketing play by the same rules.

Adding images to your blog will be really interesting for your readers and keep them glued up right until the end.

That’s not the only advantage you possess here.

In terms of SEO, you can name them and the alt-text with respect to the SEO keywords.  Amazing, isn’t it?


Blogging & SEO go hand-in-hand.  With the implementation of relevant SEO keywords in your blog posts, you can simply improve the ranking of your website on the search engine.  Words matter, so use them wisely and share others wisely as well!

At the end of the day, don’t we all just want some high-quality traffic visiting our website? So, what are you waiting for?

Start blogging right now!!!







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