Whether you’re new to lead generation marketing or a seasoned pro, it’s never a bad idea to go back to the basics. In this article, we’ll define eight of the most common lead generation buzzwords to get you up to date on your lead gen marketing lingo.

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Lead Generation

Lead generation is the marketing process that turns virtual strangers into leads—that is, interested, potential customers or clients.

Many businesses rely on lead generation for growth, even though their methods of lead generation may be quite diverse. Examples of lead generation strategies might include a Facebook campaign that encourages a targeted audience to “like” a new loungewear brand or a 25% discount offer on eye exams to new patients who provide their email addresses to a local optometrist.

Lead Form

One of the best ways to collect valuable information about your leads during a lead generation campaign is with a lead form.

The best forms are usually quite short, and they are always intuitive, modern, and optimized for lead generation.

MOVOLOGY | Lead Generation 101: 8 Must Know Key Terms

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Oftentimes, a lead will place items in his online shopping cart but fail to make a purchase. Online marketers call these potential customers shopping cart abandoners. The good news: with a tiny little push, these abandoners often become lifelong customers.

Web Form Abandonment

Similar to Shopping Cart Abandonment, web form abandonment refers to when someone starts—but fails to complete or submit—an online form.

Web form abandonment happens more often than businesses think, and for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, forms are buggy, too long, or hard to understand. Other times, the phone rings or an important email comes through.

Email List Building

A solid list of emails is key to almost all remarketing and lead generation campaigns. Compiling a list of emails can be challenging, but usually worth the work.

Many businesses are beginning to utilize tools that allow them to capture web form abandoners’ contact information in real-time, along with various lead generation forms and subscription building tactics to constantly increase the volume of contacts available for marketing to.


Retargeting uses cookies to keep track of actions users take while browsing the internet. Provided a retargeting strategy is in place, advertisers can use these cookies to display ultra-relevant ads to users as they continue web browsing.

MOVOLOGY | Lead Generation 101: 8 Must Know Key Terms


Like retargeting, remarketing looks to recapture the attention of cart, form, and site abandoners. Remarketing using direct-to-lead strategies like email and snail mail to convert distracted or on-the-fence leads.

Remarketing can also be used effectively to get in touch with old customers or clients.

Performance-Based Marketing

Performance-based marketing refers to the strategy of paying for reactions to remarketing or retargeting instead of the placement itself. Usually, those businesses engaged in performance-based marketing will pay only for impressions, clicks, leads, sales, and engagements.

Google AdWords famously charges per click, not per view.

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