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“In the world of marketing, integrating your different marketing strategies is the key to SUCCESS.”

You might already have come across something like this in the past. But what’s the fuss all about? First of all, it’s not an entirely new concept. For all of my years in the marketing world, I’ve watched companies rise and fall. Some of them weren’t able to keep up with the trends and competition due to their inability to integrate their different marketing strategies.

In this blog post, we will learn why, in today’s quickly changing environment,  it’s really important for you to integrate your different marketing strategies and make them work as a whole.

Before that, let’s begin with the basics and take a look at what integrated marketing is exactly.

What Is Integrating Different Marketing Strategies All About?

Integrating different marketing strategies is the procedure of combining and testing out various marketing strategies right from traditional to digital and combining some of them to achieve the ultimate marketing goals. Successful businesses understand that the advertising process isn’t just all about the HARD advertisement.

Instead, you will see most of the engagements coming from building customer relationships and awareness with the help of SOFT ads like giveaways, social media management, and hashtags, etc.

As we all know, digital marketing channels are SUPER-DUPER powerful. Most marketers know this. There’s just so much more to it.

They have already started figuring out that integrating the different marketing strategies will yield out results in a more effective manner. Here’s the list of benefits that come with integrating the different marketing strategies:

  • More Traffic
  • More ROI
  • More Engagement
  • More Leads
  • Higher Sales
  • More Revenue

Now let’s understand why it’s really important to integrate your various marketing strategies.


Motivating your prospects and consumers to connect with your business is all about cementing brand association as well as motivating valuable engagement.  There are so many aspects to marketing  but being great at only one angle of them won’t drive enough success. For example if have a wonderful product and you’re spending thousands of dollars spraying generic direct mail so anyone and everyone….you’ re absolutely going to be wasting money and missing out on opportunities.  A strong website with a sophisticated SEO strategy along with social media will help create an online presence.  Web form abandonment technology, like Capture, captures abandoned leads to ensure your digital lead gen strategy is maximized, as it feeds them directly into your email strategy and direct mail….even google ad words! Finding technologies like Capture that help bridge the multiple strategies ensures you get the most bang for you buck. Utilizing a strong CRM also helps connect all facets of your strategy to not only ensure you maximize your leads, but communication and sales as well.

That’s what helps marketers measure engagement completely. Using various media forms help the businesses to gear their efforts towards the target as well as sub-target markets in order to reap the ultimate reward.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time you prepared one out-of-the-box integrated marketing strategy for yourself.

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