Did you know that about 56% of the people all around the world have access to the Internet?  Yep, that’s billions of people we are talking about here.

This means that if you take your business online, you will be able to target a wide variety of audience and turn them into paying customers.

However, you won’t be able to do it without a proper lead generation strategy, and the costs that go along with that.

Lead Generation requires a lot of money, right? Well, yes it absolutely can…BUT. That doesn’t mean the best or the only way.  It’s true that you will have to spend a certain amount of money to generate leads for your online business.  However, if you know the right platforms and tactics, you might not have to spend tons of money.

In this blog post, we will take a look at the top proven tactics that will help you generate high-quality leads without having to spend a fortune.

Let’s just get right started.


Leverage Communities By Using Existing Traffic


Always take a look at your existing website traffic.  With the help of Google Analytics, you can have a quick study of your audience and try to identify what they exactly need.  Once you determine this you can start creating content that answers their problems and adds value to their lives.

Don’t forget to take a look at your website’s traffic sources as well.  The chances are that the majority of your visitors are being attracted from a specific forum or platform, they will have commonalities you just have to figure out what they are.

Once you figure out what those commonalities are and where your traffic is coming from you can take advantage of that particular platform or forum to convey your message.

Take a look at your successful competitors. Analyze their strategy, their blogs and learn the kind of content that they produce to drive traffic. Even joining the discussions on forums such as LinkedIn, Quora as well as Reddit will help bring visibility and content to your name, and help answer the questions that are asked by the general public out there.

Affiliate Programs

If you want to generate vast amounts of sales without wishing to spend a lot of money, affiliate programs is a great answer.

Let me make you familiar with the concept.  (25 Best affiliate programs in 2019, according to Travelpayouts.)

  • Affiliate marketers sign up as affiliates for your product.
  • They promote it using a variety of tactics and methods.
  • When they make a sale, you pay the percentage of commission.

This creates double the exposure and a WIN-WIN situation for everybody.


If you want to attract influential affiliates, you need to have a product that’s outstanding and offer an excellent commission for the sales that they make.

Smart Guest Blogging

This is one of the best ways to build your brands’ image, generate new leads and market your services with authority.

Guest blogging for backlinks or SEO isn’t quite exactly what we are talking about.

Instead, what we are asking you to do is to target the high-authority blogs which are popular with your target market.  You can present your expertise in front of them by creating high-quality content, at no cost, and increase your visibility.

Did you know that a lot of the marketers, as well as businesses, aren’t able to succeed in this approach because they are too busy promoting their products and services directly? Don’t overlook the power of other people.  Guest blogging is a great way to go to generate a massive amount of leads without having to spend a fortune.

If the readers find your content to be exciting and useful, they will love taking a look at the author of the post in the end.  Plus, there’s no restriction in mentioning your products and services in the guest blogs.


If you are a small business, we understand that you might have a limited budget allocated for marketing, which is the reason we encourage the use of the tactics that we just mentioned above to generate high-quality leads, increase your brand exposure and minimize costs. Many small start up companies started in a garage and have transformed into the successful global brands we all know today. 







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