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MOVOLOGYAbandoned Shopping Carts Have You Tried To Fill Out A Web Form On Your Mobile Device? Want More Leads?

Have You Tried To Fill Out A Web Form On Your Mobile Device? Want More Leads?

Web forms can be your golden ticket to capturing information from potential clients – if they can fill them out, that is. Nowadays, in the US alone over 60% of adults own a smartphone, a growing number of whom use mobile devices as their primary way of accessing the internet. While this is great for reaching customers on-the-go, it is not as great when it comes to getting them to fill out your web forms.

Face it: our fingers have gotten more acclimated with small keyboards and touch screens, but if you have ever tried to fill out a form on your mobile device, you know that everything from font size to changing fields can become a challenge. The greater the difficulty of filling out that form on a device, the higher the chance of web form abandonment.

Luckily, there are several steps you can take to help make your forms easier to fill out on devices and to make sure you connect with every person who expresses interest in your offerings.

Simplify EVERYTHING: You have seconds to convince mobile users to keep filling out your form, so the fewer questions, the better. Consolidate fields where you can, and utilize drop-down list options to reduce the need for typing. Yes, this will reduce the amount of information you can ask for, but it will also increase the likeliness of users pressing submit.

Show Them the Finish Line: If your form looks insurmountably long on a mobile device, users are going to give up before getting started. Instead, try and have your submit button visible in the form without requiring them to scroll down.

Capture Entered Information: While making forms more accessible can help boost your conversion rate, using web form abandonment solutions that allow you to immediately capture any entered information – whether it gets submitted or not – means you can utilize remarketing to entice your leads to convert.


MOV•ology™ provides enterprise and SMB marketers real-time automated next generation web from abandonment solutions to increase ROI using our Patented Technology (US Patents 9,280,531 & 9,286,282). Our end-to-end webform abandonment solutions are unequaled in the industry. We produce results: bring back visitors • more conversions • more customers • more sales. Our product portfolio extends from transactional eKart™ shopping cart and eForm™ form abandonment recovery solutions to lightbox acquisition, identifying and profiling site abandoners in real-time, significantly lifting your marketing ROI. Imagine recovering over 20% of abandoned web form abandoners with our Patented real-time, automated web from abandonment solutions, through MOV•ology’s Consumerology™ platform.

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