Your lead generation costs will vary based on your industry, product, and market, but you’ll typically find costs average between $20 and $50per lead. Every time you lose a lead you’re wasting the money invested in it, lowering your advertising ROI.

Luckily, finding those lost leads is possible.

Tracking analytics on your site will give you an idea of who is visiting – and when they leave – so you can get a sense of your conversion rate. From there, you can start to focus on the biggest culprits of lost leads, and what you need to do to get them back.

Web Forms

Having an optimized web form can increase your conversions – in fact, a Google study found that forms that follow recommended guidelines have faster user completion times. A good web form will, at a minimum:

  • Have no more fields than absolutely required
  • Be mobile friendly
  • Direct users to submit with a clear call-to-action button

With Mov-ology’s Web Form Abandonment solutions, you can increase form conversion rate by capturing the information entered by users who haven’t completed or submitted their forms. Those leads are no longer lost, and you can personalize remarketingefforts to bring those interested parties back.

Brand Inconsistency

Will users click on your advertising link that promises fun only to get a site filled with boring, technical jargon? Brand inconsistency can be your biggest enemy when individualizing your advertising to reach different consumers. Your outreach should stay true to your company’s vision and values, so customers know what to expect. Figure out what it is that appeals to your potential customers and then use this information to streamline branding and personalize your lead generation.

Bad Timing

If you can bring in more leads with revamped web form solutions and a consistent brand message, you don’t want to lose them by having a poor customer response time. If users submit a form and you don’t respond immediately, by the time you do they’ll have forgotten their interest. Involve sales and marketing teams in your strategies to nurture each lead with good, prompt service.


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