Form Abandonment: How to Track and Recover Lost Leads

Designing a website without a form makes it incomplete. Moreover, it is essential to include a highly responsive form to promote their business. But what happens when a form is abandoned? Then we can track and recover the lost leads from such form abandonment with web-form abandonment solution companies like Movology. Further, it is an innovative and cost-effective move they provide an organization for initiating the generation of lost leads. But before we go through the details of How to track and recover lost leads, we must go through the reasons for form abandonment.

Reasons for Form abandonment

There are many reasons why a form gets abandoned. Further, we can learn these reasons in detail:

The form is too long.

One of the most important reasons a form can get abandoned is when the form is shorter. For instance, while creating a form, if the same information is too long and full of jargon, then nobody would go through the form, and it can end up being abandoned. 

When the form needs to be mobile-friendly.

In today’s fast world, where people are always on the go, people prefer to browse everything on their mobile. And if the form is not mobile-friendly, then it can be highly frustrating for people. Moreover, while waiting for them to fill out the laptop form, people can change their minds, leading to the form being abandoned. 

No clarity in the content of the fields.

While preparing a google form, it is essential to have clarity of the contents of each field the user has to fill in the form. Only if the form’s fields are clear can the user understand the process of filling the same. But if there is no clarity of the contents of a field, then the user can abandon the form and go for the next.

Security Issues

Every online website can face security issues, and further, abandoning a form due to security issues is no exception. Moreover, people are becoming aware of such security problems and safeguarding against online intruders by leaving or ignoring such websites and forms.

These are some of the most critical reasons why forms can get abandoned. How to track and recover lost leads? What solutions are different? Let’s learn. 

Step-by-step process to track and recover lost leads.

Form abandonment and loss of leads are two sides of a coin. Moreover, when a form is abandoned due to lengthy information, non-mobile friendly interface, security issues, and more. It is usual for the leads generated from web forms to end up in a considerable loss. How to track and recover lost leads? We will go through the step-by-step process of the same:

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Consult web-form abandonment solutions like Movology.

The first and most step toward creating a user-friendly web form is to consult a web-form abandonment solution specialist like Movology. They will help us optimize the web form so that tracking and recovering the lost leads is easy. Further, they will help us to generate more leads. 

Create a new web form with the help of Movology.

The next step is to create a web form with the assistance of Movology web-form abandonment solutions. They can help us to design a user-friendly web form by following the recommended guidelines:

  • Having only essential fields in the form.
  • Mobile-friendly interface.
  • Ensure secure web forms.

Enable form abandonment recovery setting.

Another critical step to help us answer the question “How to Track and recover lost leads” is enabling the form abandonment recovery settings. Once the web form is created, enable the abandonment recovery settings of the same. This will help us recover the abandoned web forms, thereby helping us recover the leads.

Track the web form.

After enabling abandonment recovery settings, the next step is tracking the web form. We can track web form submissions in real-time. We can identify the point where the user has abandoned the form. 

Hence, these are the step-by-step answers to the question,” How to Track and recover lost leads.”

Why Movology web form abandonment solutions?

Regarding tracking and recovering lost leads, web form abandonment solutions like Movology are the best choice. Why? Because they help in increasing the web-form conversion rates by capturing or identifying incomplete forms or abandoned forms. 

Further, they also help us to personalize and remarket the recovered or lost forms by bringing back interested customers to the website. Moreover, the web forms are retained, thereby recovering the generated leads.

Questions to consider

Yes, the web forms that are abandoned can be tracked and recovered, which in turn helps in recovering lost leads.

Lengthy forms, non-mobile friendly interface, unclear fields in the forms, security issues, and more are some reasons for web-form abandonment.

Including only essential fields, creating a mobile-friendly interface, and clarity of instructions to submit the form are some key elements that help design a good web form.

Movology’s web-form abandonment solutions are the best company to handle form abandonment issues because they help to increase web-form conversion rates by capturing the details of abundant or incomplete forms.


Overall, tracking and recovering the abandoned forms to track and recover the lost leads. Further, following the step-by-step process mentioned above, we can get a satisfying answer to the question, “How to track and recover lost leads.”