Everything You Need to Know About eCommerce cart abandonment

In today’s eCommerce world, there are several ways to increase sales. One of the most important is eliminating cart abandonment by providing a simple checkout process and being upfront with your customers about fees and security concerns.

How does cart abandonment happen? What does it entail?

Cart abandonment occurs when a website visitor leaves their shopping cart without checking out after visiting a website. Did you know that the average customer leaves their shopping cart with just over $50 worth of goods?

Cart abandonment can occur for various reasons:

  • Customers may be waiting to complete their purchase and make payment before leaving the site;
  • Customers may have decided not to purchase anything at all (which means they’re not abandoning their carts); or
  • There can be further explanations for this behavior. For example, when some companies sell something on Amazon, some vendors ship costs to its price tag but still charge processing fees because you think it’s reasonable (and let’s face it—it probably is).
MOVOLOGY|Everything You Need to Know About eCommerce cart abandonment
MOVOLOGY|Everything You Need to Know About eCommerce cart abandonment

Why are people abandoning their shopping carts?

You may be wondering: why are customers abandoning their shopping carts? The reasons and solutions are both diverse. As examples, consider the following:

  • Distraction – Customers need to pay more attention to the checkout process because they’ve been distracted by other things, like their phone or email inboxes.
  • Security concerns – Some people worry that if they leave their cart unattended, it will be stolen from them or compromised in some way. They also don’t want someone else to see their credit card information while purchasing online.


  • Delivery costs – If you’re shipping something internationally, hefty shipping fees are often involved (and these don’t even factor into most packages). Many eCommerce sites offer free international shipping on orders over $100. So if you’re planning a large order with multiple items and need help getting your package sent overseas quickly and cheaply without breaking the bank on postage fees alone, this might be worth checking out!

What can you do to boost your shopping cart conversions and sales?

Movology is a forward-thinking company that has become one of the most respected names. We help companies prevent abandonment by keeping track of every step that leads up to it and ensuring you have all the tools at your disposal to prevent it from happening again.

You must ensure that your customers can effortlessly finish their purchases if you want to enhance conversion rates. The following factors, among others, will determine how soon they can do this:

  • Autocomplete helps people enter data faster by suggesting words or phrases as they type in an address or product name.

 For example, a customer may type “shoes” into the search box when you show up with shoes for sale on your site. They’ll probably click “shoes” because it is the most common word associated with what they’re looking for (and because there aren’t many other options).

 But if autocomplete only showed shoes and nothing else, customers wouldn’t know what else was available!

  • Remove distracting elements from checkout pages – You should remove any distractions or other elements from your eCommerce checkout page.

 So that it’s easier for shoppers who have yet to learn what they want but still need some guidance before buying something from your store’s online storefronts through mobile apps like Apple Pay (or Android Pay), PayPal Checkout, etc. 

This way, customers won’t get distracted by anything else while trying out different options until deciding which ones would work best based on their needs.”

Offer a guest checkout option.

If you have a shop with multiple products, offering a guest checkout option can be helpful. This allows customers who have yet to create an account on your site or purchase a single item to complete their purchase in one click.

The benefit of this approach is that you don’t need to set up any sort of password or login functionality on the front end. All they need is their name and email address to check out without creating an account for themselves.

If users want more information about your product before purchasing it. For example, if they’re browsing around looking at different products. They may also be interested in using this feature as well. 

The only downside here is that some shoppers might think they’re doing something wrong if they cannot create an account right away after entering credit card details into one field (which is only sometimes true).

Use autocomplete to speed up data entry.

You can use autocomplete to speed up data entry. Autocomplete is a feature of many online shops that allows customers to complete their orders by entering the first few letters of a product name. 

When you enable autocomplete, it automatically suggests other products based on what customers have already entered into the shopping cart.

Customers will find it simpler to explore and buy quickly on your website. It increases conversion rates by reducing abandonment rates. (the percentage of visitors who leave after entering their checkout information.)

To see if this feature works for your eCommerce site or not, try testing it out with paid ads:

Remove distracting elements from the page.

Once you’ve removed any unnecessary elements from the checkout page, it’s time to focus on something else: eliminating distractions.

There are numerous methods you may use. First and foremost, users can only complete a purchase if other elements focus on them. This means everything related to purchasing should be kept as simple as possible. If possible, remove anything that isn’t related to completing an order so users don’t get lost while trying to figure out what they need!

Another thing worth keeping in mind is how long people tend to spend looking at each page of your checkout process before they click through. The average length here varies depending on where people shop online. We recommend keeping things short at around five seconds or less, so there aren’t any unnecessary delays between clicks.”

Be honest about delivery costs.

While you’re getting your customers to buy, it’s essential to ensure they’re aware of the delivery cost. You can charge a fee if the customer wants to collect their item in person. Or if they decide to send it back for any other reason.


You may take a variety of actions to reduce cart abandonment. The Movology platform has all the capabilities required to run a profitable internet business, regardless of your position within the organization. Making sure that clients have a smooth time purchasing is of utmost importance. It makes it more likely that they will purchase from you.