About MOVology

MOVology LLC was innovation born out of necessity. Cofounders Tom Ling and Peter Norton came together with their decades in marketing experience. Together they saw needs for new technology development and moved to create a team that would bridge these gaps to improve the world of marketing strategy.

MOV Digital Media was their first agency product, which helped clients on all things digital marketing from SEO to lead generation. In 2011 they began to work to help solve a huge gap and opportunity in the lead generation and digital marketing industry. After years of working through the US patenting process and developing a platform they successfully created a unique niche in in web form abandonment and automated remarketing.

Capture® is their flagship product that provides real time data capture of abandoned and incomplete web forms, and automated the remarketing to these lead through Recover®. This innovation in lead capture and remarketing has created a tremendous opportunity for clients to turn more interested web visitors into leads, and more leads into conversions, ultimately growing ROI.

Together, with their passionate team, they have continued to focus on Capture® and their other specialty products with a full steam development team, creating an automated remarketing platform with 6 fully issued patents and multiple services and integrations to help clients achieve higher ROI.

MOVology LLC is a team of dedicated marketing executives that work to constantly find new needs in the marketing strategy space and bring them to life.

Our Team


Tom Ling

CEO & Co-Founder

Some people see a problem as an obstacle. A visionary sees it as an opportunity. With a diverse background in a range of industries. Tom Ling is a true visionary who loves nothing more than being faced with a challenge. Knowing that from these moments of seeming obstacles come great discoveries, his passion for creativity has resulted in innovative approaches to print and mail, online, and multichannel marketing in every field he has been a part of. whether in software and technology, the wine and spirits industry, or his expertise in techniques for lead generation. Ling knows that preparation and the right strategy are crucial to business success, and he brings his years of experience, marketing innovation, and the wisdom imparted by his mentors and influencers to focus on his newest project, developing the patents he and his cofounder Peter Norton received for cutting-edge web form abandonment solutions at MOV-ology. Ling’s experience with business development and online and offline marketing and advertising have positioned him for success with this newest endeavor. Outside of his passion for new ideas. Ling is a supporter of numerous charities, from the Boy Scouts of America to the American Cancer Society. When he’s not changing the landscape of modern advertising, you can find him running a marathon or spending time with his family.


Peter Norton

CIO & Co-Founder

Peter’s experience over the past 15 years has taken him from small, grassroots start-ups to leading Fortune 500 companies and now most recently, a patent(s) holder. A true entrepreneur and geek at heart, Peter can quickly assess the needs of end users from concept to execution, making him a vital asset to business development. Wearing many hats throughout his career, Peter’s well-rounded depth of business knowledge has contributed to his success in everything from increasing revenue for partner companies, starting his own business to speaking engagements and panel discussions on a global platform. Peter’s history as a contributor to sales, marketing, development, and operations processes provided the background for his current focus, strategizing ways to revolutionize remarketing tactics and generate leads. Along with his MOV-ology co-founder Tom Ling, Peter is actively developing their recently issued patents in Web Form Abandonment (US Patents 9,280,531, 9,286,282 & 9,589,281). These unique tools will help marketers boost ROIs on their efforts, recovering otherwise lost revenue. When Not at work you will find him at his kids sports fields or shuttling around lost animals!


Jessica Medina

Vice President

Working at the center of platform development, while integrating a strategic sales and marketing strategy Jessica is hands on in every facet. Managing all strategic aspects of brand distribution and sales deployment Jessica loves brining her teams of creative, sales and developers together in their goals to help drive the company forward.


Ryan Carandang

Creative Wizard

Ryan Carandang is a seasoned professional who is passionate and dedicated to his craft. For over 15 years, he has gained experience in a wide variety of mediums from traditional production to advanced digital design. Ryan has excelled as a leader by directing designers, artists, photographers, and other creatives who trust his knowledge and expertise. Not only is he an outstanding leader, his continuous thirst for learning keep his ideas current and his skills sharp and can contribute at every level of the creative process.


Customer Service Team

Our team is ready to help you onboard your account, and optimize our platform to best suite your needs. With inside sales, technical and account support you can have confidence that our team is behind your success all the way!


Development Team

Our team of software developers have decades of experience creating intuitive platforms and are constantly working to improve and monitor our clients data to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and data driven results.