It’s essential to have an ongoing lead generation strategy to keep new customers coming in if you want a healthy business.

However, the sheer cost of some marketing initiatives can be preventative for small businesses, whereas others are more suitable for larger, established organizations.

Two very relevant forms of lead generation for most industries are hosting online webinars and setting up shop at trade shows. But is one method preferable to the other? These comparisons will help you decide whether to focus on webinars or trade shows for your lead generation.


You’ve probably been invited to some and may have even hosted your own, as webinars continue to grow as a viable and efficient way of bringing in leads. As you may imagine, the chance to share your knowledge and expertise with an eager audience who doesn’t need to travel to another venue is an enticing opportunity to grow your reputation. Because everything is web-based, you’ll keep costs down by not needing to rent a space, and you can invite as many people as you want.

When people sign up for your webinar, you now have contact information and an expression of interest from a prospective lead. Then, you can start using remarketingstrategies to nurture this lead to conversion.

Trade Shows

Trade shows have a long history as a source of lead generation. You get to meet people face-to-face, which means a more tailored individual sales experience. Trade shows will cost more, as you’ll want to have promotional materials available, you’ll need to pay for travel and staffing, and you’ll need to rent a booth. However, what you’re really paying for is that in-person contact with a targeted audience that consists almost entirely of potential leads.

So it begs the question which Lead Generation Strategy Is Right For You?

Both webinars and trade shows are established and effective ways of generating new leads. However, if cost is an issue, you’ll likely see a better return on your marketing by holding a webinar. With significantly lower costs, you can have regular events, targeting new potential leads with each one. On the other hand, you will need to go out and find prospective leads to invite, and you’ll be responsible for coming up with compelling content to make it worth it.

But, if you are a larger company and you have the capital available, trade shows can help you get a higher lead conversion rate based solely on the fact that they are a concentrated venue that brings together a relevant audience for you. You’ll still need to have a strong sales game and prepare the most attractive booth for your product, but you’ll have a couple of days to identify and nurture new leads, even off the show floor.

Which do you find best??


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