According to a recent article on Yahoo Tech, Mobile Ad Blocking is picking up steam across the globe, it won’t be long till this is mainstream and the effects on return web visitors will truly be felt by online marketers.

My recent discussions with online marketers revealed that their use of mobile ads are the largest part, if not, their only re-marketing effort.

In this very fluid and fast changing online marketing environment coupled with rapid app releases, a marketer could find themselves stranded on an island overnight.   Which brings me a question:  Is your shopping cart abandonment and remarketing efforts heavily weighted in a single program?  

Unlike just five years ago, there now are a prolific number of choices to re-market with display ads, dynamic emails, highly personalized post cards and social posts.  Why not use them all?  You need a mix of shopping cart re-marketing solutions in order to make the most of your spend.  Of course, not all solutions are equally effective in re-marketing.   

Dynamic emails and highly personalized direct mail pieces are not affected by ad blocking or do not track features.  If an email address was typed in and with the correct shopping cart abandonment solution, you could send them personalized emails and even do match back appends to a house file even if they had ad blocking turned on.

Always be thinking of your marketing efforts and how at anytime something could change drastically and spread your risk over multiple efforts

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