Web forms have increasingly become one of the most reliable ways to generate sales leads and to capture consumer information. However, for every four people who fill out a form, only one will ultimately press the submit button.

Particularly for industries that rely on follow-up consumer contact before or following a purchase, capturing this information is crucial.

The premium vacation ownership model allows millions of people around the world to access partial ownership of a vacation home, and is a growing industry, topping $7.9 billion in sales in 2014 in the US alone. The sales funnel for these companies can be longer than average, since it relies on consumers who do not yet own the property to book and attend tours when they visit a property at a discounted rate. Typically, a prospective owner will book a promotional stay online, and then need to sign up for a tour before or when they arrive at the property. However, travelers may forget to book tours in advance, and once on a property, may need a reminder to attend their scheduled tour.

If the tour does not get scheduled, then the company cannot recoup their losses spent on the initial discounted stay. These tours are designed to convert leads with enticing limited-time offers and serve as a final CTA. However, short of following a non-owner around while on the property, it can be impossible to find a way to nurture them back to the necessary tour.

An eForm Recovery Case Study With SMS Remarketing

The problem: A leading international premium vacation ownership company offering fractional-ownership needed to find a way to contact non-owners who scheduled a discounted stay, arrived at the property, but still had not booked or attended a tour.

For four properties in Hawaii, a large portion of the company’s budget was spent on discounting stays for prospective owners, which was not recouped if tours were not attended or were abandoned by these non-owners. The company wanted to find a way to ensure that money spent resulted in real leads.

Proposed solution: MOV’s Patented eForm Recovery for form abandonment is used with web forms to retain any information that was entered by users, but never submitted. Systematic remarketing can then be deployed to nurture leads into customers.

In the case of the vacation ownership company, SMS remarketing was used so that non-owners could be immediately contacted when on the property. SMS was considered to be preferable to email, since the average open rate of these messages tops 98%.

MOV’s solution included a two-step process:

  • A follow-up email was sent to 11,372 non-owners who booked their trip but did not sign up for the tour, seven days in advance of their anticipated arrival. This gave them the option to book the tour at that time, or to provide a cell phone number for SMS updates to do so when they arrived at the property.
  • For those who did not submit their information through the email, MOV’s eForm Recovery was used to capture phone numbers, allowing for a way to contact those visitors immediately upon their arrival at the property.

The SMS reminders were integrated with the company’s tracking system, so in the case that someone failed to show up for their booked tour or abandoned a tour, they could be instantly reminded via text.

The Results: Of the 11,372 non-owners contacted regarding tours for the four properties in Hawaii, 57.26% of these opted-in to SMS messaging from the email, and 794 of these non-owners attended tours after receiving follow-up SMS messages. Of these, 765 ultimately purchased ownership in the properties. In total, over $3,000,000 in sales was achieved due to this additional client outreach.

MOV’s Patented eForm Recovery is an insurance policy for dollars spent for lead generation, protecting your budget by recovering any unsubmitted contact information in forms. For more information on how eForm Recovery can deliver similar revenue enhancements to your company, email us at info@movology.com

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