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Web Form Abandonment Solutions

The ONLY Patented Form Abandonment Software

Wait, don't Leave!

You’re probably familiar with cart abandonment, where someone is shopping on a website and throws a bunch of stuff in their cart but decides not to purchase. The website owner gets a notification that a cart was abandoned and they have an opportunity to reach out to them, offer an incentive, or help them make their purchase.

It’s just like that.

Only, our patented Form Abandonment software works for anything else on your website that isn’t a shopping cart. Say, an appointment form or a comment box that someone started filling out but didn’t get to submit it. We capture whatever information they left behind (hopefully an email address) and send them an email with your website information and give the website owner an opportunity to make a new friend. Easy peasy!

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Too slow...but don't worry. Everyday, forms like these are abandoned with no way to recapture customers. Find out more about our solution as we re-market to you at

We have a video

Check out this quick video that explains how Movology’s Form Abandonment software can help you.

Patents? Yeah, we have a few.

If you haven’t noticed yet, one of the big things that differentiates us from other remarketing companies is our patented technology.

Over the years, we’ve developed four groundbreaking patents that have allowed us and our clients to effectively recapture the attention of lost leads. Check them out!

MOV•ology™ LLC provides real-time automated web form abandonment solutions
to increase ROI using our Patented Software.

Our end-to-end web form abandonment solutions are unequaled in the industry.