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Multi-channel marketing is a complex ecosystem, and MOVology has been dedicated for more than a decade to help companies simplify it with the most innovative technology. At MOVology, we are passionate marketing technology innovators. Our goal is to revolutionize the marketing and remarketing worlds with our patented suite of automation software. Companies can be confident that our products help remove obstacles from the path of achieving your marketing goals
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Best Lead Capture Software: Marketing Powered By Innovation 

Are you ready to take your marketing to the next level?

Patented Software Built With Innovative Technologies- Make Your Remarketing Campaign Successful.

At MOVology, our goal is to change the marketing with our lead capture automation software. You can rely on our products to help you reach your marketing goals.

    Innovate constantly to let you win the cutting-edge competition

    Our team is 100% focused on developing software that helps companies earn revenue and
    achieve a higher Return On Investment. Our expert developers focus on combination of scale and speed that help
    companies easily integrate remarketing into their current strategies. Our executives have decades
    of experience in marketing and are thought leaders in the industry. Our team combines its skills
    with fresh ideas to design advanced marketing software for businesses.

    Next Level Lead Capture Software

    Marketing is our priority in everything we do

    Capture® and Recover® are the flagship lead capture automation products of our decades of marketing dedication and innovation. Our vibrant community of technology developers has teamed up with marketers to bring these unique solutions. How do we transform your online marketing approaches?

    Stop losing valuable website leads

    Our automated remarketing software is backed with automated technologies that allow you to ‘set it and forget it’ while knowing there is consistency and reliability in lead capture automation.

    Decrease staffing costs

    Manual marketing involves time and investment in human resources. MOVology technology provides you with automated technology, you can accomplish your task with minimal staffing.

    Higher Return on Investment

    We have designed the best marketing automation tools to maximize lead generation and automate your follow-ups, upsells, and cross-sells. You can manage multiple goals from a single lead capture platform.

    Remove bottlenecks and define processes clearly

    Your team members have a centralized dashboard 24/7 to easily monitor abandoned website data and remarketing campaigns.

    Boost effectiveness

    Save time and resources with marketing and lead capture automation software to allow your team to focus on the things that matter most.

    Remarket and Convert More Leads

    Finding the right customers can be hard, but our Capture® software can help in retargeting website visitors. Our software helps you find lost leads and increase your sales. It turns potential customers into real customers, boosting your income. Start using our lead-capturing software today.

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    Measure your marketing campaign for optimization

    Use Capture® to boost your marketing. Connect with tools like Google Analytics to get leads and track your campaign performance across various platforms. Maximize lead generation and your marketing efforts with Capture®.

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    Capture Your Web Traffic

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    Make Your Lead Acquisition Process Seamless

    We help you get more leads easily with a lead capture system. From your first interaction with leads to the moment of conversion, MOVology’s suite of products is your company’s road to success.

    Identify High-Intent Traffic

    Engage and Re-engage Automatically

    Integrate Seamlessly with Your Tools

    Analyze and Optimize Website Visitors

    What Makes Our Lead Capture Software Unique

    We innovate constantly to let you win the cutting-edge competition. We develop software tools to help you maximize lead generation, make more money, and improve your investments in remarketing strategies

    Increase Lead Re-Engagement

    We make software to help with marketing and improve your marketing on different platforms and give you the tools to track leads and reach customers. Our lead capture solutions go beyond Google Analytics to make your campaigns even better.

    Automated Remarketing Software

    MOVology lead capture tool helps to collect data and retarget. 

    • Outshine your competition faster 
    • Review digital marketing campaign performance
    • Connect with your audience easily
    • Generate more leads via email, website, and other channels

    Capture, Recover, & Boost Bottom Line

    Capture® allows you to reach customers ready to buy by analyzing your website traffic. It simplifies data collection and helps set up email campaigns fast. You can see where leads are lost and use Recover® for re-engagement through automated remarketing software. These tools can be connected to CRM and Google Analytics for in-depth analysis. Pair with MOVology for smoother digital marketing!

    Take your first step for free

    Want to see how MOVology can help your digital marketing? Test our lead capture tool for free with a demo. Sign up now to get more leads and engage with your audience better. You can access all features once your free trial is over.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    A lead capture system is a tech solution to collect information from potential customers (leads) as they interact with your digital platforms. At MOVology,  our lead capture software automates this process to ensure you gather valuable data to engage and convert visitors effectively.

    At MOVology, we focus on providing a comprehensive lead capture solution that not only captures leads but also facilitates their conversion. Our patented technology sets us apart, offering innovative features like 

    • Real-Time Lead Capture 
    • Automated Remarketing Campaigns 
    • Seamless Integration With Your Marketing Stack

    Yes. At MOVology, we designed a lead capture system for seamless integration with a wide range of CRM systems. This integration allows for a smooth flow of lead data into your sales process, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. 

    Request for FREE Trial.

    Absolutely. Whether you’re a small business looking to grow your customer base or a large enterprise seeking to optimize your lead generation process, our software is scalable and adaptable to meet your specific needs.

    At MOVology, our software identifies and records information from website visitors showing interest in your products or services. It uses advanced tracking and analytics to capture leads in real-time, allowing for immediate engagement or automated remarketing software efforts.

    Contact us to know more.