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No more Lost Leads!

Capture® is the first ever patented software that creates a safety net for your lead generation and traffic spend.
Finally there is a way to identify and remarket to your lost web traffic, reinforcing your lead generation strategy for a stronger ROI.

Capture® offers unique email lead generation list building services to help you maximize your ROI and retrieve lost leads. Combined with the power of Recover® you can also utilize our platform to create powerful remarketing campaigns to increase sales and responses. Let us show you how our technology works by taking the Submit Challenge Below!

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Check out this quick video that explains how Movology’s Form Abandonment software can help you.

Patents? Yeah, we have a few.

If you haven’t noticed yet, one of the big things that differentiates us from other remarketing companies is our patented technology.

Over the years, we’ve developed four groundbreaking patents that have allowed us and our clients to effectively recapture the attention of lost leads. Check them out!

MOV•ology™ LLC provides real-time automated web form abandonment solutions
to increase ROI using our Patented Software.

Our end-to-end web form abandonment solutions are unequaled in the industry.